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Chris D
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Montgomery, AL
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Chris has ghostwritten over 100,000 blog posts, press releases and marketing pieces for companies as varied as NuShape, Wolf Real Estate Professionals, Digital Pop Marketing, Mobilozophy and AuctionServices.com. Chris services clients through copy for print, direct mail, interactive media and broadcast.
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Although Chris' writing style and researching prowess are available for all industries, some of her most well received articles have come from the fields of medicine, law, business and SEO/web marketing techniques.


Chris has a special interest in articles that require technical descriptions.


Washington University in St. Louis

Chris obtained a Bachelor's degree from Top 10 US News and World Report university Washington University in St. Louis in 2012.

Northwestern University

In 2014, Chris completed studies at Northwestern University and obtained a Masters in Journalism.


35,453 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Chris has provided SEO/SMM copywriting assistance to business campaigns across industry disciplines. As a marketing graduate, Chris has been educated in the discipline of marketing and written most of her articles on the subject. With over 35,000 articles under her belt, you are sure to get optimized, personable content that will resonate with your customers.


30,412 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Chris has written over 30,000 highly technical articles for publications as varied as Wired and Technology Today. A background in programming helps Chris to drill down easily into complex descriptions of products. Chris has been praised for her ability to make very technical items seem accessible to the average consumer.


10,271 Projects Completed

Chris has contracted with local businesses and Fortune 500 companies for extended campaigns focused on many different aspects of business including brand recognition, sales conversion, market placement, strategic planning, white papers, press releases, blog population and social media engagement. Chris' strength is in her ability to recognize the subtle differences between different business campaigns and adjust formatting, tone and language to fit that exact campaign.

Home Living

7,720 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Clients enjoy Chris' home living descriptions because of her wit and humor towards the art of life. Chris maintains a close relationship with insiders in the fashion and interior design industries, so clients who need descriptions of drapes, couches or bedframes is a special treat for her. However, she can easily delve into the more emotional side of home life, describing perspectives and atmospheres just as easily as tangibles.

Real Estate

5,587 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Chris has cultivated a specialty in creating vivid pictures of real estate. Her wholly accurate yet positive portrayals bring business to real estate developers and private owners who are looking to sell their real estate. Chris' real estate articles excel because of the detailed description of the lifestyle as well as the architecture, interior design and infrastructure of the location.


5,224 Projects Completed

Chris has created accessible content that connects people to health oriented content, simplifying complex medical topics and selling potential customers on esoteric products that might otherwise go overlooked. Chris has created content for Fortune 500 companies and local hospitals as well as many other private health related businesses and private offices.


5,026 Projects Completed

Chris combines a background in engineering with a technically precise writing style to produce engaging yet proficient articles on electronics. Chris' articles sell to their audience by showcasing the expertise of the brand rather than saying, "buy, buy, buy," engaging the target audience and encouraging trust in the brand.


5,013 Projects Completed

Chris has written highly technical white papers, web articles and traditional articles on the technology and standards driving the bio-pharmaceutical industry. She combines an ability to drill down into the technical aspects of the discipline with the skill to write for an audience of any level of expertise, including professionals within the industry.


2,618 Projects Completed

Chris has written extensively on the new technologies and processes driving innovation in construction, including specialty CRM platforms for the AEC industry, the rise of geospatial big data collection, and VR/AR applications in remote and virtual construction projects.


2,604 Projects Completed

If you are a legal pro looking to cull legal precedent into a highly accessible message for your website, Chris is your writer. Combining an ability to drill down into the details of law while writing for a consumer audience, Chris has written engaging copy for dozens of legal professionals looking to establish a niche in their markets.

High Tech

2,577 Projects Completed

Chris has written highly technical description and opinion pieces about modern, timely high tech for Wired, Computers Today, the Los Angeles Business Review and other tech oriented publications, not to mention many online tech outlets and personal blogs.


1,114 Projects Completed

Chris serves as an editing and organizational partner for many medical professionals looking to infuse highly technical descriptions into professional copy for colleagues and for laymen. Chris has ghostwritten dozens of pieces for established medical journals.

Consumer Goods

500 Projects Completed

Whether you are looking for witty, personable descriptions or hardline statistics to sell your products, Chris has the ability to match her writing to the tone of your marketing campaign. Her sales copy is descriptive without being overbearing, with strong calls to action. The underlying philosophy: The consumer ends up making the decision to buy for himself.


317 Projects Completed

Chris has been a part of many gaming projects from the smallest Steam releases to AAA releases from EA. As a gaming consumer and an industry insider, Chris has the ability to bring a highly informed yet consumer focused viewpoint that connects the potential customer to the product in a way that creates sticky SEO content for clients.


125 Projects Completed

Chris has created marketing concepts for local credit unions and been involved in regional projects for Bank of America.

Blog Post

12,036 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Chris has researched and written blog posts in industries as varied as manufacturing to personality driven entertainment sites. As a professional blogger, Chris has learned the nuances of balancing sticky SEO content with content that is easily accessible, reducing bounce rate and increasing revenue for clients in many industries from health to electronics and games.


11,075 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Chris has written articles for AAA publications including Cosmopolitan, Southern Homes and Gardens and Los Angeles Magazine. Chris enjoys researching articles regardless of topic or industry and has been praised for her ability to create articles that persuade, engage and motivate. Chris has a 24 hour turnaround time for articles, including research.

Web Page

10,671 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Chris is a web copywriting specialist, with a 24 hour turnaround time and precision research skills that expand her reach to multiple industries. She also keeps up with the latest changes in SEO standards, ensuring that your web page content is optimized to the most modern standard. Chris guarantees a 24 hour turnaround time and in depth content for your web page.

Press Release

7,586 Projects Completed

Chris has created press releases for companies ranging from social web hubs to apps to hunting products.

Product Description

5,092 Projects Completed

Chris has 10 years of experience designing products in industries as varied as technology, retail and textile manufacturing. Chris helps to build your brand with a highly technical yet accessible descriptions that hit on the points that your audience most wants to hear with a perspective that speaks to an inside knowledge and interest.

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