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Jackie has always had a personal passion for writing. She obtained a job in her local area that has given her the opportunity to hone her skills in writing and editing. She currently writes a few times a year and her voice on paper is light and easy to read. Her stories and content are well thought out and focus on topics that are engaging to all levels or readers.
Jackie's main topics of choice are centered around family, children and home-life that make it easy for readers to relate to. However, given a topic outside those realms she is eager and able to compete the task.


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Jackie is the project manager for a magazine in her area. Her work involves managing freelancers, writing articles, creating content, page layout and many other factors to create the monthly magazine geared to families and kids.

Consumer Goods

Jackie is has recently begun branching out to a variety of topics interesting to readers, both online and in print. Her easy to read wording, along with solid content make her a valued writer to have on board.


Jackie is highly capable at finding humor in just about all corners of life.
She is able to provide thought provoking content with a twist of wit — grabbing the readers attention and establishing a connection.


Jackie spends her free-time writing a variety of topics, including relationships she has (husband, children, church family, friends, etc.) as well as relationships she observes. She has a keen eye for deep down revelations, and a ability to lay it on paper.

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Jackie currently fulfills her passion for writing by creating stories from her own personal life. Her creations are witty, real and easy to relate to.

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