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Over the last five years, Patrick has written loads of copy for clients such as Blogmutt, The Indie National Songwriting Contest, Sultry Dish, Recovery In Tune, Itcher Magazine and many more. Working in the creative industry has given him the opportunity to write about a myriad of topics for his clients (drug addiction, yoga, music, Houston real estate and the importance of employee background screening for small businesses to name a few). He has extensive experience crafting compelling ad copy as well as original blog content for his clients, but mostly he just likes telling a damn good story. He is currently interning at a photography studio where he is responsible for writing and managing blog content.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Patrick has been contracted by a wide variety of clients to write marketing long-form copy. He is well-versed in the art of personable storytelling, and crafting compelling narratives.


Patrick draws on his 10 years of experience as an actor, songwriter and podcaster to help inform his entertainment writing. He's written for clients such as TV Eskimo, Itcher Magazine, The Indie National Songwriting Contest.


Patrick wrote an starred in a web-series called Upset Tummy, a comedy loosely based off a character he portrays through his Twitter account of the same name.

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Blog Post

Patrick has written and sold hundreds of blogs to a wide variety of clients. He's in the business of providing engaging, high quality copy at a fast pace. At his current internship, he's also in charge of editing and managing the content from other writers on the staff.


Patrick has been contracted to write news stories for a variety of online publications. I've written quite a bit about drug abuse and its effect on families.

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