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Paul has been writing blog posts and articles for various outlets since 2009. His experience in the International Baccalaureate Program in high school taught him how to properly form an argument and express it in words, and he has carried that capability with him as he writes articles and blog posts on topics ranging from medicine to technology, politics to business. Paul thoroughly enjoys writing on a variety of topics, and he is always looking for new opportunities to learn about new topics and share his knowledge with others through the written word.


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Writing for such political organizations as United 4 Religious Freedom, Paul has completed numerous blog posts and articles on Conservative politics, while still maintaining his own voice.


Paul has been writing blog posts and articles related to technology for several years. He has written on such topics as cell phone towers, computers, and IT for businesses.


Paul has recently started writing for a clinical trial group. His articles relate to the benefits of clinical studies and how to get involved with them.

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Blog Post

Paul has been writing blog posts since 2013. He has written on a variety of topics from politics to technology, health to business and just about everything in between.


Paul has been writing and curating articles since 2009. It is here that he is able to share his passions with others.

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