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James has been a journalist for more than 20 years. He has worked mostly in the newspaper business, but has some experience with freelance work for curriculum producers, as well as some website experience.
He has written about a lot of things, from little league baseball to governors and murders. He is able to research quickly and learn about issues fast, having done so for years on a daily basis with daily deadlines.
He has won state press association awards in every state he has worked in, and most of that has been in writing. He led the coverage on a murder case that won the top news story award from the University of Kansas, which is only given to one newspaper each year. It is the most prestigious award in the state.
He has been an editor, beat writer and sports writer.
His favorite areas are sports and politics, and he sees a lot of similarities with the two. He is not one to take sides politically, but instead enjoys watching how things develop and reporting on them in an objective manner.
He has also written a lot about travel, and once had a popular back roads travel blog. Most of his experience with travel writing has been the back roads, but he can write about cruise ships just as well.


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James J's Catalog Product Experience

103 Projects Completed

Product descriptions and catalog entries come naturally for James J. He is a journalist and adept at making descriptions precise and to the point.

Industry Projects

  • Sports1,000+
  • Auto100+
  • Other50+
  • Consumer Goods50+
  • Insurance50+
  • Business50+
  • Travel50+
  • Home Living20+

Summary of Industry Experience


More than 20 years as a sports writer for newspapers. James has covered everything from little league to NFL football, and about everything in between. Here he learned to write with precision, and to do it fast on deadline.


Automobiles are essential to most people, and are one of the biggest investments they will ever make. James is an experienced journalist who just happens to love cars of all kinds. He understands automobiles, their history and development, as well as the love Americans have for their cars. This makes him a good choice for writing about automobiles.


When you want something that doesn't fit into any neat category James J is a great person to call. He understands writing, and can get what you want. Unusual things appeal to him as well.

Consumer Goods

James has been a newspaper journalist for many years. Reporting is what he does well. Describing consumer goods is a matter of reporting, based on observation and interpretation skills.


Insurance is tricky business. It can get complicated. James is an experienced journalist who knows how to wade through legal working and get to the bottom of insurance policy nuances.


James is a newspaper journalist with years of experience. A part of that has been covering business related stories, and he brings that expertise to companies now looking for writing to help their business.


James loves travel, and of course, writing about adventures. A dirt road, a tank of gas and a map, and he is set. James has has written blogs, as well as many travel stories over the years. Mostly they have been his own adventures, but he has also written stories of other people's adventures too.

Home Living

Whether it is a home improvement project, or a consumer good, James has done a lot of writing about various home issues. Helping people figure out how to do a remodeling project, or how to find the best toaster, are things he is adept at researching and describing.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Web Page100+
  • Catalog100+
  • Product Description50+

Summary of Product Experience


James has 20 years of journalism experience as a reporter, and has won many awards for his writing in four states. Here he has written a lot of articles. The subjects vary widely, and he can handle about any subject. He is a solid researcher and has some descriptive talent, which is the basis for any good article.

Blog Post

James J has written dozens of blog posts on WriterAccess, and many other places. He has also written popular blogs himself on various topics. He has a way of describing things, and making cases either for or against things that are compelling and interesting.

Web Page

James J has written copy for a lot of web pages, helping website owners communicate their message clearly to the public.


Product descriptions and catalog entries come naturally for James J. He is a journalist and adept at making descriptions precise and to the point.

Product Description

More than 20 of news reporting, mostly for newspapers. James has covered all types of news, from breaking news to the garden club. James likes to just tell the story, and a product description is a story even if it is just the details of a product. Good at research, good at understanding instructions.

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