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Jeanelle is a fantasy and suspense writer. When she was ten years old she knew she would stop at nothing to achieve her dream to be a writer. Her favorite authors, Tamora Pierce and Patricia C. Wrede, created engaging characters and immersive worlds. Jeanelle carries on that tradition with her YA fantasy stories and dark suspense novels.

Growing up with Cerebral Palsy, Jeanelle wrote to escape from the physical challenges she faced. YA Fantasy will always be her first love. Creating new worlds let her live vicariously through her characters. As she has matured so has her writing. Now she enjoys the darker side of suspense along with forays into adult fantasy as well.

While earning her Creative Writing for Entertainment BFA at Full Sail University, Jeanelle earned two course directors awards for Visual Thinking and Writing and Literary Genre II: Mystery, Horror, and suspense. She was also published in Linguistic Erosion, Yesteryear Fiction, and Scrawl Brawl.

As a recent graduate, Jeanelle plans to finish her YA Dystopian novel about a young mage who must save her land from a corrupt government and her action/suspense script featuring an ex-con who must deal with the consequences of her past.
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Jeanelle has been writing fiction for over a decade, and has worked as a freelance writer for over five years. Fiction is her strongest medium, but her strong research skills and make her ideal for content work. She works hard to deliver high quality content specially tailored to each person's needs.


Her interests varied and vast. She loves the challenge of horror and suspense. She is an avid gamer and reader. She is a parent and knows a lot about the top. If it can be researched she can write it. Additionally, her favorite part of writing is learning something new with each project, delivering content on time, and deliver at the highest quality possible.


Full Sail University

Jeanelle earned her creative Writing B.F.A at Full Sail University. She studied all aspects of writing as it relates to the Entertainment Industry. She studied aspects of Film Writing, Television Writing, Comics and Animation, novels, and Game Writing. Additionally, all aspects of independent, self-publishing, and Freelance work were covered as well.


10 Projects Completed

Jeanelle attended Full Sail University for Creative Writing for Entertainment. She has experience in creative writing, script writing for film and television, and articles. Her passion lies in suspense, horror, and fantasy, but she prides herself on being able to produce content in any genre with confidence.


10 Projects Completed

Jeanelle has created a number of short video scripts in various genres from fantasy to horror. She has extensive experience with Final Draft, and can work quickly and efficiently to complete the tasks asked of her.

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0 Projects Completed

Jeanelle has written for and managed several blogs over the years. She often guest writes posts on a variety of topics from parenting, living with a disability, writing, and experiences with movies, books, and television. Her current blog features the steps she is taking now that she holds a B.F.A. in Creative Writing for Entertainment.

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