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The Early Years
The other day someone asked him the following question, "John, where do you call home?"

It was a tough question, and he had to shake his head and reply that he had never known a place called home.

He had indeed experienced a lot of things. Here is a bit of information about just his first year of life which hopefully will suffice. It all started in the month of July during a warm summer when he entered this world and took up residence at a university dormitory in Norman, Oklahoma.

By winter, he was experiencing the frigid winter up north near Canada in Spokane, Washington.

Nevertheless, he celebrated his first birthday in a small mud hut situated in the steamy jungles of southern Mexico in a tiny village named Sayula. That was just his first year.

He has also lived in Lynchburg, Virginia; Huntington Beach, California; Taipei, Taiwan; Shanghai, China; and Williston, North Dakota. So, for a place called home, take your pick.

More Recently
In more recent years, John comes from a background of providing website material for many types of clients. He has extensive experience providing text for websites, blog posts, emails, advertisements, scripts for TV shows, and information for use in official documents.

He has written extensively on various topics for blogs and private websites on shopping, yoga, fitness apparel, and current events. In addition to these services, he assists bloggers in keyword and SEO research. He has enjoyed the opportunity to design websites for niche markets and write specialized material.

His writing experience includes writing on a great variety of topics ranging from diet and nutrition to philosophy and spirituality. His style has been described as informative; yet also humorous, entertaining, and insightful.

He occasionally also provides assistance to individuals struggling to complete longer works such as novels, by providing editing and writing services.

Yes, there are also hobbies. John enjoys jogging, yoga, camping, reading novels, guitar music, and doing research on any random topic that might turn into a niche market or work-at-home opportunity.
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John’s specialties include providing copy for web pages that require product descriptions for marketing purposes and reflect on the practical emotional needs of potential buyers. He writes informative blogs concerning fitness apparel, nutrition, affiliate marketing, social issues, nutritional products, and medical service providers such as dental offices and pain clinics.


John has a wide range of interests that includes taking walks on cool autumn days, jogging in the park, exercising in the gym, skateboarding, hiking, camping, riding the unicycle; and even the study of martial arts, yoga, and spiritual practices that include the study of meditation.

For entertainment John would prefer quiet board games such as Scrabble and Monopoly over any type of noisy video game. However, he relishes a chance to listen to local bands playing in a small pub or a bar-and-grill.

John is a fan of almost any type of art ranging from the appreciation of the fine arts to sampling the joys of comic books, cartooning, animation, and fiddling around with Photoshop.

John enjoys reading novels, autobiographies, self-help books, and philosophy. John has read extensively about East Asian philosophies such as Confucianism and Daoism.

He loves a good chance to study a new topic or do some research especially in the fields of cognitive psychology, theology, ancient philosophy, nutrition, current events, online marketing; and issues relating to relationships, social inequality and discrimination.


California State University, Fullerton

John graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor's Degree from California State University,Fullerton where he studied Illustration, Graphic Design, and Communication Arts.


6 Projects Completed

John has extensive experience developing marketing materials and content for a variety of different websites. He writes brochures, pages, policy statements, FAQ’s, and posts tailored to specific marketing campaigns. He has written several posts on affiliate marketing and runs a blog where he often discusses online marketing in general and how to avoid internet scams.

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One of John’s greatest strengths is the ability to turn almost any topic or subject matter into an informative blog post. After digging up the facts and figures from reliable sources through careful research, John is able to capture the spirit of a concept while still adding a unique twist.


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John has written articles on a great variety of topics ranging from shopping and product descriptions to current events. He has written articles for blogs, and webpages where he adds a slice of life and touches of human warmth to dry descriptions in order enliven the most mundane material with humor and insight.

Direct Mail

5 Projects Completed

John excels in the use of appropriate conversational tones of expression within his writing to appeal to the appropriate sentiments specific types of direct mail consumers. He understands the principle of first appealing to the inner emotional needs of a potential customer and then providing logical reasons to make a purchase.

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