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Meghan is a motivated conceptual artist based just outside of Philadelphia. A recent graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology's Fine Art Photography program, she earned a minor in Creative Writing by the end of her second year. From there, she began to incorporate prose and poetry into her photographic work in hopes of drawing a parallel between written word and and the meanings we draw from imagery. After graduation, she participated in an internship at the Center of Photography at Woodstock. To support herself, Meghan took up various freelancing positions primarily writing articles and blog posts for clients across the world. However, the majority of her writing experience has stemmed from her own imagination and passion. Meghan is especially fascinated by visual culture and the ever shifting landscape of social media; the majority of her personal work revolves around the image as a form of communication. Despite her lofty academic interests, she is an overall down to earth individual who loves incorporating the humor and banality of every day life into her projects.
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Meghan specializes in creative nonfiction. This can range from short poems to in-depth essays. Throughout her work, she is most often praised for her wit and sarcasm; however, her personal narratives often elicit deep emotional responses from readers.


More than anything, Meghan someday hopes to further her studies in visual culture. Her interests are splayed across a large gamut, ranging from the ancient art history to the intricacies of reality television. She is intrigued by global internet culture and the psychology behind social media platforms. Outside of art, culture and technology, she enjoys reading about animals, mythology/urban legends, and cooking.

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Having recently taken up freelancing, Meghan has researched quite a bit about entrepreneurship on assignments and for her own benefit. She is currently a contributor for a daily self motivational podcast, where her duties involve drafting episode summaries and articulating talking points.


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Over the past few months, Meghan has written a number of in depth celebrity biographies on assignment. Doing so has involved extensive research and a lot of filling in the blanks on details not available online. Meghan especially enjoys writing about celebrities that also identify as artists (such as actors and musicians). She is interested in writing about film, television, and art in the future.


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As a photographer and videographer, Meghan has spent many years figuring out the ins and outs of tech based art forms. As was expected of her, she produced a multitude of artist statements over the course of her undergraduate career regarding multimedia as conceptual art as well as the philosophies behind her chosen mediums.

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For the past six months, Meghan has written show notes for a daily self motivational podcast titled the Morning ROAR. Included in the show notes are helpful links and resources, contact information, and credits as well as custom written summaries and talking points that vary day to day.


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Meghan has written articles about photography as well as a handful of articles within the entertainment niche. She has written pieces as long as ten pages, but has also worked on short 250 word blurbs.

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