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Meghan B
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Meghan is a motivated conceptual artist based just outside of Philadelphia. A recent graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology's Fine Art Photography program, she earned a minor in Creative Writing by the end of her second year. From there, she began to incorporate prose and poetry into her photographic work in hopes of drawing a parallel between written word and and the meanings we draw from imagery. After graduation, she participated in an internship at the Center of Photography at Woodstock. To support herself, Meghan took up various freelancing positions primarily writing articles and blog posts for clients across the world. However, the majority of her writing experience has stemmed from her own imagination and passion. Meghan is especially fascinated by visual culture and the ever shifting landscape of social media; the majority of her personal work revolves around the image as a form of communication. Despite her lofty academic interests, she is an overall down to earth individual who loves incorporating the humor and banality of every day life into her projects.
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