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Iris M
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She earned a Bachelor of Science in Management, working in both domestic and international arenas. Now she writes content for blog posts, articles, and web pages as a copywriter and researcher. Subject topics include real estate, healthcare, IT, engineering and construction trades, business, and education offering informative content for your marketing audience.

Business elements haven’t changed, but technology once again introduces innovative techniques for taking businesses to the next level - capturing remarkable insights, valuable content, profitable SEO techniques, and marketable headlines to hold a reader's attention.

Welcoming 2021 with all of the lessons, tips and new developments from 2020, Iris remains up to date on the new decade's marketing, economic trends, and online content about business, finance, technology, including new found trends on lifestyles, health and real estate.

Comments from clients:

Real Estate
- Great work! This is the exact type of information we need for these article types. Thank you!
- Sell Your Condo - "Exceeded my expectations"
- Market Snapshots - "This is great! Exceeded my expectations"
- Market Trends - Great article Iris
- Millenniums - Great work, Iris
- Luxury Homes Go Green - Great content. I love the blog. Thanks!
- Sellers - Great work!
- Buying - Unseen Expenses - great work!

- Health - Data Analytics - Nice work.
- Industry Projections - Thank you, much appreciated.
- Finance - Retirement income working for you- "Good Job"
- Homeowner Deductions - Always such good work!

- Immigration "excellent"- Exceeded expectations
- Family Law - Exceeded my expectations
- DUI - This is a great post, Iris. Good breakdown of data and information. Thank you for the great job.
- Aging Parents - This is great! I loved how it is a gentle tone but to the point. Thanks so much.

Medical - Health
- Senior Healthcare - Awesome, thanks!
- Women’s Health - Exceeded my expectations
- Awesome! "Group health insurance" - Exceeded expectations.
- Public Health - Thank you much, Iris. Very well written and informational for the general public that does not understand much about this topic. You're awesome!

Nutrition - Health
-I would like to mention you as the writer for all the articles you have written for me.

-Homeowners – Electrical Information - Great research on this one!
-Contractors – Online Bidding Nice work.

- Global Studies - Thank you for the great work - will definitely keep you on our love list for future research needs.

Higher Education
- I just sent you a direct order. I'm hoping that you will be interested in completing this for me. I loved your previous work.
Real Estate
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