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She earned a Bachelor of Science in Management, working in both domestic and international arenas. Now she writes content for blog posts, articles, and web pages as a copywriter and researcher. Subject topics include real estate, healthcare, IT, engineering and construction trades, business, and education offering informative content for your marketing audience.

Business elements haven’t changed, yet technology and the knowledge of using IT has – capturing remarkable insights with valuable content, profitable SEO techniques, and marketable headlines to hold a reader's attention. Heading in 2020 Iris remains up to date on the new decade's marketing and economic trends, online content about business, finance, technology, and lifestyles from health to real estate.

Comments from clients:

Real Estate
- Great work! This is the exact type of information we need for these article types. Thank you!
- Sell Your Condo - "Exceeded my expectations"
- Market Snapshots - "This is great! Exceeded my expectations"
- Market Trends - Great article Iris
- Millenniums - Great work, Iris
- Luxury Homes Go Green - Great content. I love the blog. Thanks!
- Sellers - Great work!
- Buying - Unseen Expenses - great work!

- Health - Data Analytics - Nice work.
- Industry Projections - Thank you, much appreciated.
- Finance - Retirement income working for you- "Good Job"
- Homeowner Deductions - Always such good work!

- Immigration "excellent"- Exceeded expectations
- Family Law - Exceeded my expectations
- DUI - This is a great post, Iris. Good breakdown of data and information. Thank you for the great job.
- Aging Parents - This is great! I loved how it is a gentle tone but to the point. Thanks so much.

- Senior Healthcare - Awesome, thanks!
- Women’s Health - Exceeded my expectations
- Awesome! "Group health insurance" - Exceeded expectations.
- Public Health - Thank you much, Iris. Very well written and informational for the general public that does not understand much about this topic. You're awesome!

-I would like to mention you as the writer for all the articles you have written for me.

-Homeowners – Electrical Information - Great research on this one!
-Contractors – Online Bidding Nice work.

- Global Studies - Thank you for the great work - will definitely keep you on our love list for future research needs.

Higher Education
- I just sent you a direct order. I'm hoping that you will be interested in completing this for me. I loved your previous work.
Real Estate
Blog Post
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Her writing is reflective of today's issues, comprised of two specific focal points: the client's market and the readers inquiry and interest. The content answers - why, why not and how to (call to action).

Assortment of topics include:

• Real Estate - Buying, Selling, and Market Projections
• Construction - Commercial, Residential, Home Improvement, Renovations, and Latest Trends
• Finance – Investments, Capital, Taxes and Business and Personal Strategies
• Health – Healthcare, Medical Services and Lifestyles
• Legal – Personal, Family and Business


Other interests include:

• Gardening, cooking and history

Real Estate

159 Projects Completed

Real estate content involves data research and community information for the purpose of providing information to a qualified buyer looking to select a home. The content is driven by the client’s demographics on prospect buyers and sellers, the current and future market trends.

Sellers need to understand the market value and the buyer's interest that makes a difference in the final sales price or how long the home remains listed.

When requested SEO techniques, related links and metas are incorporated.


63 Projects Completed

She writes about bank funding requirements with elements of building business credit for both business capital and personal investment interests. The goal is to provide a simple how to guide for startups, growing, and mature businesses.

A second writing aspect pertaining finances is related to personal investments working with a financial advisor. It comes down to understanding the process and how to make the right decision to create your future plans.


41 Projects Completed

Data analytics for healthcare as a management tool. How they are handled and support treatment decisions. Industry topics related to public health care involving HIPAA, system security, and patient privacy rights to buying or selling a medical practice.

Research projects are focused on personalized segments linked to health conditions base on demographics; children, men, women, and elders.


40 Projects Completed

During her early career, she held management positions in Corporate Facilities, responsible for tenant improvement (TI) and company logistics from conception to completion of each project. Duties included project reviews, design approvals and site inspections. She worked directly with various trades, porject biddidng and managing contract reviews.

The projects included government facilities, commercial structures and residential homes. Today, she writes content for site development and renovations supporting Green efforts and DIY articles.


37 Projects Completed

Content on law pertains to business and private circumstances, helping the reader to understand the consequences based on proposed actions.

Types of legal content about business, property, litigation, and negotiations pertaining to personal injury, family law, criminal and business aspects protecting intellectual properties, trademark, management buy outs, money matters, specialty niches and civil rights.


37 Projects Completed

She understands the elements needed to do business within the industry for small, entrepreneurship, and maturing business. Her subject matter relates to regulations, compliances, and guidelines covering operational functions, bank funding requirements, and business investment interests.


20 Projects Completed

She's written articles on health supplements, food nourishment and the latest fitness and diet trends – all involving nutrition. Professionals discuss the health of our bodies physically and mentally. Individuals look to learn about the impacts of healthy eating whether the diet choice is plant or meat based.

Blog Post

338 Projects Completed

She writes content on a variety of subjects, pertaining to client specifics, industry related, research and informative studies, including "how to" for mass market and social media. The goal is to become an reliable resource, a trusted brand converting to sales building repeat customers.


119 Projects Completed

Her written articles are directed to the reader, capturing the reader's interest to continue reading for more information in making a decision. From the client's perspective, her goal is the artful use of key words fitting into the content as value added for increasing traffic as well as catching the reader’s eye to click and open.

Web Page

46 Projects Completed

She's written content for all types of businesses marketing products and services. Her focus is to write content that's unique to the page, client and the target audience. Basically, the content provides information about the company and its knowledge, it also describes what sets them a part from the competition.

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