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She earned a Bachelor of Science in Management, working in both domestic and international arenas. Now she writes content for blog posts, articles, and web pages as a copywriter and researcher. Subject topics include real estate, healthcare, IT, engineering and construction trades, business, and education offering informative content for your marketing audience.

Business elements haven’t changed, but technology once again introduces innovative techniques for taking businesses to the next level - capturing remarkable insights, valuable content, profitable SEO techniques, and marketable headlines to hold a reader's attention.

Welcoming 2021 with all of the lessons, tips and new developments from 2020, Iris remains up to date on the new decade's marketing, economic trends, and online content about business, finance, technology, including new found trends on lifestyles, health and real estate.

Comments from clients:

Real Estate
- Great work! This is the exact type of information we need for these article types. Thank you!
- Sell Your Condo - "Exceeded my expectations"
- Market Snapshots - "This is great! Exceeded my expectations"
- Market Trends - Great article Iris
- Millenniums - Great work, Iris
- Luxury Homes Go Green - Great content. I love the blog. Thanks!
- Sellers - Great work!
- Buying - Unseen Expenses - great work!

- Health - Data Analytics - Nice work.
- Industry Projections - Thank you, much appreciated.
- Finance - Retirement income working for you- "Good Job"
- Homeowner Deductions - Always such good work!

- Immigration "excellent"- Exceeded expectations
- Family Law - Exceeded my expectations
- DUI - This is a great post, Iris. Good breakdown of data and information. Thank you for the great job.
- Aging Parents - This is great! I loved how it is a gentle tone but to the point. Thanks so much.

Medical - Health
- Senior Healthcare - Awesome, thanks!
- Women’s Health - Exceeded my expectations
- Awesome! "Group health insurance" - Exceeded expectations.
- Public Health - Thank you much, Iris. Very well written and informational for the general public that does not understand much about this topic. You're awesome!

Nutrition - Health
-I would like to mention you as the writer for all the articles you have written for me.

-Homeowners – Electrical Information - Great research on this one!
-Contractors – Online Bidding Nice work.

- Global Studies - Thank you for the great work - will definitely keep you on our love list for future research needs.

Higher Education
- I just sent you a direct order. I'm hoping that you will be interested in completing this for me. I loved your previous work.
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Her writing is reflective of today's issues, comprised of two specific focal points: the client's market and the readers inquiry and interest. The content answers - added value, why, why not and how to (call to action).

Assortment of topics include:

Real Estate - Buying, Selling, and Market Projections.
Construction - Commercial, Residential, Home Improvement, Renovations, and Latest Trends.
Finance - Investments, Capital, Taxes, Business and Personal Strategies.
Technology - New Digital Trends, Provider Services and Tools Impacting Business Operations, IT Marketing Processes and the Bottom-Line.
Health - Healthcare, Medical Services and Lifestyles.
Legal - Personal, Family and Business.


Interests are a result of moods or moments for me. But they all share common traits of breaking the writer’s block, creating some comfort, and solving the curiosity of what it takes to change the outcome.

• Reading, gardening, cooking and history

Real Estate

165 Projects Completed

Real estate content involves data research and community information for the purpose of providing information to a qualified buyer looking to select a home. The content is driven by the client’s demographics on prospect buyers and sellers, the current and future market trends. Sellers need to understand the market value and the buyer's interest that makes a difference in the final sales price or how long the home remains listed.

When requested SEO techniques, related links, and metas are included.


133 Projects Completed

Companies rely on the experience, knowledge, and technology of reputable telecom providers for remote business scalability (growth). Our solution integrates the business phone systems with feature sets like unified communication and teleconferencing services.

Each feature provides businesses with an approach to handle remote work challenges that many companies associate with remote business productivity. Based on the company's need, the remote business model takes advantage of technology, implementing work from home business procedures. Whether the company is small, medium, or large, profits are built on performance and productivity at the end of the day. Work from home practices can help companies leverage remote talent skills, capture new business opportunities, and open new market segments that were physically out of reach.


125 Projects Completed

Her online writing started as a food writer for a national media company as Food Reviewer. She enjoyed it then and still does now. She shared recipes, food reviews, festive food event history and helpful hints in the kitchen. Every now and then she'll come across one of her posts.

Thanksgiving holiday festivities are moments for feasting and indulging in our favorite holiday foods with friends and family. Tasty moments are meant to be shared whether it's cooking, baking, or simply creating a dish or beverage to compliment a reader's appetize and lifestyle.

Here's one her of favorites: Turkey Soup “ Home for the Holidays

In our house the Thanksgiving turkey gets a second round of soup during the holiday family gatherings. Now it's time to turn tasty leftovers into a savory soup.

Preparation time: 4-5 hours Servings: 5-6

The holidays are always filled with family members and friends coming together to enjoy a delicious meal, while creating precious memories. Tip of the day: Don't save this recipe just for Thanksgiving, it works just as well anytime of the year.


116 Projects Completed

Group health insurance trends have undergone a few changes during the past few years, and one of the changes is the number of program benefits that are offered as the industry moves to a more individually connected environment. Technological advances have also contributed to these changes, giving both employers and individuals more choices when it comes to selecting and managing the company’s healthcare benefits.

Group Insurance

Several advantages exist in the group benefits packages structured with both the flexibility individuals need and employers seek; they are composed of programs covering spending, retirement savings, and multiple forms of insurance for health, life and disability. Two areas that are experiencing rising costs are medical specialty treatments and pharmacy prescriptions. Individual solutions within the group health insurance plan are funded savings accounts for extra health costs, which help to reduce an individual’s annual out-of-pocket expenses. In some cases, these program contributions are set up with pre-tax advantages.

Group Benefits

The cost of healthcare is a widespread topic of concern as the industry continues to see costs increase across the board. A healthcare savings program is now more a part of the healthcare system as a tax-exempt advantage for the employer and employee, with studies showing significant benefits of maintaining healthier lifestyles.

It’s never too early to begin investing for retirement by making contributions to a 401(k) plan. Here’s an opportunity for midstream professionals to take advantage of another pre-tax saving plan. Depending on the options within the company’s group plan, besides the employer’s shared contributions, employees can also contribute after taxes, reaching the maximum allowed limits. And like the healthcare savings program, these funds belong to the individual and can be rolled over when changing employment without a penalty.


64 Projects Completed

She writes about bank funding requirements with elements of building business credit for both business capital and personal investment interests.

The goal is to provide a simple how to guide for startups, growing, and mature businesses. A second writing aspect pertaining finances is related to personal investments working with a financial advisor. It comes down to understanding the process and how to make the right decision to create your future plans.


56 Projects Completed

During her early career, she held management positions in Corporate Facilities, responsible for tenant improvement (TI) and company logistics from conception to completion of each project. Duties included project reviews, design approvals and site inspections. She worked directly with various trades, project bidding and managed contract reviews. The projects included government facilities, commercial structures and residential homes.

Today, she writes content for site development and renovations supporting Green efforts, home improvements and landlord and DIY articles.


52 Projects Completed

She understands the elements needed to do business within the industry for small, entrepreneurship, and maturing business. Her subject matter relates to regulations, compliances, and guidelines covering operational functions, bank funding requirements, and business investment interests.


39 Projects Completed

Content on law pertains to business and private circumstances, helping the reader to understand the consequences based on proposed actions.

Legal content include issues about business, property, litigation each involving negotiations pertaining to personal injury, family and criminal law. Business aspects are comprised of protecting intellectual properties, trademark -copyright, management buy outs, money matters, and civil rights.


25 Projects Completed

Electronics are alive and well existing in state-of-the-art devices. Designed to enhance the processing capabilities and offer convenience at the touch of button or screen. Hidden below the surface of technological equipment are electronic components and assemblies configured to perform a specific task. Combined each piece is connected to a function feature intended to improve equipment performance and simplify the user operation interfaces.

For buisness that’s a cost saving benefit linked to generating revenue. For an individual this particular benefit expedites the maneuver for purpose. Look around, electronics now exist in every aspect of business and lifestyle. Not surprising, the birth of this innovation will keep electronics at the forefront of commerce as technology continues to recreate itself introducing the next generation of possibilities.


21 Projects Completed

Companies across the country are taking advantage of technology and the latest IT developments to support remote business scalability. Implementing work from home, remote business models are based on the company's need. Work from home practices are the new norm as companies leverage remote talent skills to support existing business and capture new market opportunities. Future success is linked to staying ahead of the demand using IT technology to bridge the gaps between today and tomorrow.


18 Projects Completed

Health supplements, food nourishment and the latest fitness and diet trends all involve nutrition. Professionals discuss how the health a diet impacts our bodies physically and mentally. Individuals look to learn about the strategies or daily routines for helping our body maintain its health, need to understand how our bodies use what we're eating. Whether your choice of diet is plant or meat based - what works and what doesn't makes a difference.

Did you know that micronutrients are vitamins and minerals found in the foods we eat daily. Although the ratio may be small, these nutrients are vital to our body functions. Macronutrients are a primary source of nourishment comprised of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This nutrient helps to regulate macronutrients for building healthy muscles.

It's vital to understand what your body needs and how it responds to what you eat. Keeping a balanced diet both nutrients helps to prevent deficiencies responsible for illness and poor health. The toughest diet learning curve is developing a healthy mindset for making healthy decisions - knowing it's okay to binge but not for long periods.


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E-commerce has become synonymous with online retailing as the industry embraced the advantages and disadvantages of the digital marketplace. While the majority of consumers chose the convenience of shopping online, economic developments have made historical e-commerce changes in how organizations conduct business.

Current year-end forecasts report online shopping cycles could surpass traditional in store spending. The outcome hinges on the retailer's ability to adapt the future shopping trends and technology changes into its business strategy. Although, many see this new age lifestyle continuing, there' no doubt that consumers will continue to shop both venues. Truth of the matter, it's a natural progression of growth with the capacity to impact the world's shopping trends during healthy and uncertain economic shifts.


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Internal IT management (digital), not operations management (business), should be working with outside security experts to make sure the proper cyber tools are in place. That does not necessarily mean companies have to run out and install the lasted technology, but management needs to keep an online awareness of what's happening.

Like everything else in life, there is no - fits all - solution. Although all systems shared similar functions and features, it's about finding the vulnerabilities that exist in yours. How? Take the time to review the ongoing IT traffic assessments and system configuration verifications. Each report reveals critical information about the business.


5 Projects Completed

Today, Public Healthcare systems continue to be an area of focus of sharing health information for the purpose of public health actions. The recent pandemic has intensified the need to meet the current demands of healthcare and the exchange or disclosure of protected information.

Since HIPAA became law the healthcare industry holds its position in managing sensitive information of U.S. medical records. Enforcement of procedures to protect the privacy and security of individuals is the foundation of participating organizations. Ongoing reviews of processes that support staff engaged in public health activities are critical to safeguarding the public. Operations need to be compliant with government directives, regulations, standards, and laws governing the management of data, and record retention.


5 Projects Completed

interactions of how we live, do business, and how it functions. The one constant is its necessity – driven by economics and demand. Developing into a unit value, rising, falling, and it remains a steady essential to life. Although it may not be the most crucial element in day-to-day living, it's become synonymous with success, recovery, and basic survival. Whether you're leaving college, growing a business, or preparing for retirement, understanding money's value and its moods can lead to financial prosperity.

Ultimately the goal is to generate enough to acquire comfort with the means to survive economic changes. Most opt for savings through investment plans or financial institutions, and others consider establishing an individual financial portfolio. When it comes to trade, some businesses choose to retain a local presence, while many venture into global trade.

Blog Post

355 Projects Completed

She writes content on a variety of subjects, pertaining to client specifics, industry related, research and informative studies, including " Tips, Guides and How To" for mass market and social media. Her goal foe the client is to become an reliable resource and a trusted brand converting interest into sales that lead to building a loyal following of repeat customers.


144 Projects Completed

Articles are directed to the reader, capturing the reader's interest to continue reading for more information in making a decision. From the client's perspective, her goal is the artful use of key words fitting into the content as value added for increasing traffic as well as catching the reader’s attention to click and open.

Web Page

37 Projects Completed

Sometimes, clients are looking for a full rewrite, others only wish to refresh the content using the current SEO techniques to improve marketable headlines and web searches. For the potential consumer of these services looking for assistance and information it comes down to guidance in simple terms with a call to action (CTA) that answers the question.

•Real estate – Buying, selling, adding value.
•Investment – Long term, short term, dividends, passive income, markets.
•Financial – Measure investments, retirement, business financing, home loan options.
•IT/Technology – Present business innovations, management tools, new trends.
•Legal – Clarify the severity of offenses in simplified lawful and legal terms.

IT Teams - Doing Business Better

The cost for managing technology is a vital part of a successful business profile. For most companies, the goal is to retain high performance connections, secured data, and customer satisfaction. The real question is - What’s it worth to the buisness?

Peace of Mind -Taking Care of Buisness

Financial planning is emotion and confusing. Some have a hard time finding a team to help create the plan to support a lifetime of savings. One any given day, our clients are achieving peace of mind and enjoying retirement. Why? Reaching realistic future financial goals is doable when strategizing with the best financial solutions that work for you. Whether you need help with retirement, business, or estate planning — we’re here.

Legal Maze - Confused, Intimidated and Worried

Facing multiple charges? Keep reading. You need to understand the differences between the state’s legal sections listed by the slightest degree to most severe. Not sure where you stand or what’s working against you? Time to talk with an experienced defense attorney on the best strategy for the situation.

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