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Writing content includes blog posts, articles and web pages as a copywriter and researcher. The industry categories include real estate, health, business, trade, investment, and education. Whether the project is for marketing or current stats and future projections - adding content value and information data for the reader is the priority. Market segments consist of public, private and government pertaining to economics, money and environments. Subjects include lifestyles, next generation, engineering and whitepaper research. She has earned a Bachelor of Science in Management, working in both the domestic and international business arenas.

Comments from clients:

Real Estate
- Great work! This is the exact type of information we need for these article types. Thank you!
- Sell Your Condo - "Exceeded my expectations"
- Market Snapshots - "This is great! Exceeded my expectations"
- Market Trends - Great article Iris
- Millenniums - Great work, Iris

- Industry Projections - Thank you, much appreciated.
- Finance - Retirement income working for you- "Good Job"
- Homeowner Deductions - Always such good work!

- Immigration "excellent"- Exceeded expectations
- Family Law - Exceeded my expectations
- DUI - This is a great post, Iris. Good breakdown of data and information. Thank you for the great job.
- Aging Parents - This is great! I loved how it is a gentle tone but to the point. Thanks so much.

- Women’s Health - Exceeded my expectations
- Awesome! "Group health insurance" - Exceeded expectations.
- Public Health - Thank you much, Iris. Very well written and informational for the general public that does not understand much about this topic. You're awesome!
- Senior Healthcare - Awesome, thanks!

- Global Studies - Thank you for the great work - will definitely keep you on our love list for future research needs.

Higher Education
- I just sent you a direct order. I'm hoping that you will be interested in completing this for me. I loved your previous work.


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Industry Projects

  • Real Estate100+
  • Finance20+
  • Legal20+
  • Business20+
  • Construction20+
  • Health10+

Summary of Industry Experience

Real Estate

She writes blog content for real estate involves data research and community information for the purpose of providing information to the reader, helping them with decisions when selecting a home. The content is driven by the client’s demographics and prospect buyers and seller as well as the current and future market trends. She’s aware of the use for SEO, related links and online connections, which need to be incorporated within the article.


She writes about bank funding requirements with elements of building business credit, investing for both business capital and personal investment interests. The goal is to provide a simple how to guide for small businesses, start ups, emerging and growing. As a seasoned business executive she's worked in the international business environment with an interest in currency conversion related to services and product.


She writes informative content on law pertaining to business and private circumstances, helping the reader to understand the consequences based on actions. Subject matters include protecting intellectual properties and trademark, management buy outs, financial successions and strategies, business and labor requirements.


She understands the elements needed to do business within the industry for small, entrepreneurship and maturing business. Her coverage of subject matter relates to regulations and guidelines covering operational functions, bank funding requirements and business investment interests. As a seasoned business executive she worked in the both domestic and international business environments for government and commercial market segments.


During her early career, she held a management position with Corporate Facilities, responsible for tenant improvement (TI) and company logistics from conception to completion. Duties included project reviews, design approvals and site inspections. She worked directly with various trades, contract review and project bidding, depending on the scope of the project. The projects involved include government facilities, commercial structures and residential homes. Today, she has written content for site development, project erection and renovations supporting LEED efforts, methods of MEP and D-I-Y articles.


Recent projects include HIPAA requirements for health services and medical practices, including what it takes to sell a medical practice. Other industry topics related to health care include informational facts and research projects, causes and effects on women's health, and selected lifestyles.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Article100+
  • Web Page20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

She writes content on a variety of subjects, pertaining to client specifics, industry related, research and informative studies, including "how to" for mass market and social media. The goal is to become an reliable resource, a trusted brand converting to sales building repeat customers.


Her written articles are directed to the reader, capturing the reader's interest to continue reading for more information in making a decision. From the client's perspective, her goal is the artful use of key words fitting into the content as value added for increasing traffic as well as catching the reader’s eye to click and open.

Web Page

She's written content for all types of businesses marketing products and services. Her focus is to write content that's unique to the page, client and the target audience. Basically, the content provides information about the company and its knowledge, it also describes what sets them a part from the competition.

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