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Andrea has been writing for many years. She started out writing poetry, and evolved into writing stories. Her writing took off when she published her first book. Her book is available online, and in book stores around the world. She also had poems' published in the National Library of Poetry. She feels that writing is a passion, and is very therapeutic. She would like to start another book in the future, but has not decided on a time frame as of now.


Specialty topics include psychology, law, investigation, medical, heatlh, travel, family, education, and relationships.


Interests are investigation, cases, forensics, psychology, criminology, health, education, family, employment, and relationships.


University of the Rockies

Andrea has taken classes pertaining to psychology, criminology, and how the two relate. She has strong knowledge in behavioral psychology, mental illness, and addiction. She has had extensive experience regarding obtaining a college degree, starting a business, divorce, child custody, child psychology, death, and domestic violence.


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Andrea has a Master's Degree in Psychology/Criminology and Law Studies. She has a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice, and minor in Psychology. She has been a Licensed PI for over three years. She is also involved in missing persons, and is a domestic violence advocate in her state. She accepts many different types of cases.


2 Projects Completed

Andrea is a published author, and is very knowledgeable in book writing. She had gotten her first book published many years ago. Her experience in the book publishing process has helped her grow as a writer. She can write about anything she sets her mind to doing. She has been a writer since a child, and would like to write another book in the future.

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