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Christi K
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When this author thinks of her writing career, she says that the first thing that pops into her head is her car. It's a gray 2012 Kia Optima affectionately known as "Carla".

While sitting in the backseat with her MacBook Air propped on her lap, and a Mountain Dew and some cashews at her side, she writes novels in the parking lot of her son's school. He started taking college classes when he was twelve, so instead of sitting and doing nothing, or shopping excessively, she spends time writing while he's in class.

Interestingly, this fifty-something year-old says she never pictured herself writing books. In fact, as a little girl, she always wanted to be Miss America or a go-go dancer--you know, one of those ladies in tall, white, go-go boots who dances in a cage at a bar. Her parents must have been very proud.

After high school, she wasn't ready to get married or start working full-time, so she went to college and that is where she found her passion for writing.

Later, after marrying her college sweetheart, she experienced ten long and painful years of infertility. After sixteen years of marriage, she and her husband adopted two children. When the kids were one and three years old, she started a support group/Bible study for other barren women in her area. That morphed in to her first published book.

The rest is history as this author has had three more books published, as well as various articles.

She says that if you're ever in her area and you pass by the community college, look for a dark gray Kia Optima sitting in the parking lot. And then stop by and say hello. She will most likely be sitting in the backseat of Carla typing only God knows what!


Spiritual fiction and non-fiction in the form of novels, articles, and other forms of communication.


When she's not writing, this author keeps busy as a wife, mother, water aerobics instructor, office manager, and church volunteer.


Fort Hays State University


1 Projects Completed

A non-fiction manuscript for women dealing with shock and betrayal due to their husbands' infidelity.


0 Projects Completed

A non-fiction manuscript for women experiencing the disappointment, grief, and mourning related to infertility and pregnancy loss.


2 Projects Completed

The author enjoys writing articles and has had several published over the years. Two paid jobs include an article published in Catholic Parent, May/June 2006 edition, titled "All Things for the Good", and an article titled "The Benefits of Grief & Mourning", published in the March 2006 edition of The Christian Journal.

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