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Over the course of his career, Brad has offered his abilities as a writer in a broad spectrum of different contexts and applications. On a daily basis, he draws from a versatility in form and content that allows him to work effectively within different roles and virtually any industry. His clients benefit as much as he does, gaining not only the highest-caliber, results-driven writer available, but an expert in virtually all creative fields. Art, architecture, real estate, city planning, literary criticism, non-profit sector, fashion, tech industry, and finance are just a few areas he has researched and written about.

Today, he earns his living primarily as a content specialist, working with a variety of creative businesses and individuals to produce targeted blog posts, website copy, newsletters, press releases, product descriptions, and short essays. He also puts his education in visual art to use, working as a fundraiser and developmental consultant for individual artists in Milwaukee, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Houston, and other major cultural centers. For these clients, he researches and writes grant applications, produces professional documents, and guides personal growth through self-reflective writing processes.

What each of these pursuits have in common is their focus on the core identity of the client, to produce relatable content that will achieve their goal. Whether marketing himself as a writer or consultant, his approach always places the production of fresh and original writing at the core.

When not earning money, Brad spends his time developing his blog and network of social media outlets, which he calls 'Palliate'. Focusing on the intersection between art, culture, politics, and community, Palliate puts the Midwest's artists and creative professionals at center stage by offering thoughtful criticism and wide-reaching cultural analysis, for nearly two years. Always poignant, often funny, and sometimes irreverent, Palliate takes a different approach to writing than in Brad's more lucrative professional pursuits.
High Tech
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Creative companies that are trying to do things a bit differently, or looking to articulate a different angle on their industry is where Brad's talent shines.


Anything and everything in the world of art, design, or technology.


Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

A four year degree focusing on visual design.

High Tech

202 Projects Completed

Staying on the cutting-edge of the tech industry is in the best interest of any business, and Brad supports his clients across all industries with an in-depth knowledge of tech trends that affect their world. Hundreds of pieces of content that focus on mobile apps, electronics, cloud-computing, 3D printing, digital security and many more new and upcoming advancements.


200 Projects Completed

With a background in visual art and design, Brad has established his professional focus with businesses that specialize in fashion, web design, architectural visualization and many other aesthetically-driven fields. More than 60 clients over the past 4 years gives a depth of insight and experience that will prove to be an asset on future projects.


150 Projects Completed

Brad frequently produces content for clients in the business world, touching on topics of e-commerce, corporate culture, and business management. He has completed over 100 blog posts, press releases, and short essays for dozens of clients across the globe.

Blog Post

439 Projects Completed

As the bread-and-butter of Brad's content marketing services, blog posts provide an excellent way to communicate the interests, values, and expertise of his clients. An avid blogger in his own right, Brad lends his pen to corporate blogs of all kinds.


51 Projects Completed

Working with a variety non-profits and creative professionals for the past three years, Brad has gained a firm grasp on the persuasive style of grant writing. With experience on federal, state, and private grants, he puts a range of tools at his client's disposal.


35 Projects Completed

Brad's in-depth articles are crafted with a wealth of research and an attention to detail that serves to educate and inform readers of all kinds. Industry specifics and technical details have never been a challenge, and have formed the foundation for all of his articles.

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