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Trevor C
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He graduated from college in 2007 and interned with Salt Lake Magazine and The Standard Examiner. He was also the features editor for The Signpost, Weber State University's newspaper. Although he really enjoyed writing, doing research, and learning about the people and things he wrote about, he was really turned off by his experiences in the "professional" writing world. He quickly decided that writing, and/or journalism, wasn't for him and pursued other professional endeavors.

Now he's had professional experience in the world of manufacturing. A diverse business experience in which very important deadlines must be met, quality expectations absolutely positively must be met, and the challenges of managing people, products, and making sure his facility has all the necessary equipment and materials to ensure success. He knows his experience in manufacturing has helped him to mature, experience success in business, and know the importance of organization and utilization of his time.

He is organized, driven, educated, and experienced in the world of manufacturing and production management. He knows he will have tremendous success, but is in a situation of what comes first, the chicken or the egg? He would love an opportunity to show his ability to succeed at freelance writing and is excited to get started!
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