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Judy has been a words person since she was a young child. She wrote and illustrated her first story at the tender age of 8 and won a spelling bee soon after. Since then, she has done all types of writing, from journalistic to fiction, and practically everything in between.

After years of full-time editorial employment while freelancing on the side, Judy took the leap into full-time freelancing and has never looked back. She enjoys the variety of projects, content areas, and clients that she gets to work with as a freelance writer.

Some of Judy's specialty writing areas include health, nutrition, food, cooking, parenting, pets, travel, technology, business, and more. Always inquisitive, she is constantly interested in learning about topics that are new to her.

Judy has written a variety of documents, including articles, blog posts, website content, newsletters, press releases, news stories, grant proposals, advertising/marketing, advertorial material, brochures, presentations, data sheets, radio spots, video scripts, Facebook and Twitter posts, meta descriptions, and more. She has extensive experience in SEO writing and keyword usage.

Judy has accumulated just about as much editing experience as writing experience. So she can self-edit her own writing quite effectively and evaluate other writers' content too. She has edited material of varying lengths, including complex technical books up to 1,200 pages long. She has edited many print books, ebooks, articles, blog posts, and more.

In addition to communicating through words, Judy tells stories through photographs and is an award-winning photographer. She has also taught and tutored students in writing. She enjoys the link between education and writing, as she sees her own writing as a way to educate her readers. Judy loves delving into new content areas and skills so is always ready for the next challenge and learning experience.
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Health, food, cooking, nutrition, parenting, pets, travel, business, technology, and more.


They include parenting, dogs, reading, learning, cooking, health, gardening, exercise, music, photography, crafts, outdoors, and travel.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

B.A. degree from the top-ranked School of Journalism and Mass Communication, plus a concentration in education; Mini Medical School; medical journalism and advanced editing courses; Dean's List


142 Projects Completed

Judy is passionate about health and wellness. She loves educating readers on achieving and maintaining vibrant quality of life through her extensive writings about health. She has years of experience writing in this area, which began in full-time jobs at various medical-related companies. She has written about everything from medical conditions to healing modalities and nutrition. Judy spends hours daily continuing to learn and research about health-related topics so she can be highly informed as she writes - and because learning about health is so enjoyable to her.


96 Projects Completed

Judy has written extensively about food, cooking, and nutrition. Many of her pieces have included recipe and meal ideas. She enjoys teaching others how to use food as medicine while making healthy food taste delicious. She has completed and continues to take professional cooking classes. Judy spends hours in the kitchen every day, refining her cooking skills and serving up tasty meals.


55 Projects Completed

Judy has written numerous articles about pets, including dogs, cats, and more exotic pets like frogs. These articles have delved into topics such as pet food, health issues, breeds, grooming, pet travel, and more. Judy also has personal experience with pets (a dog and a cat) and has served in her community through volunteer work related to pets.


443 Projects Completed

Judy has written hundreds of articles for many clients on a wide variety of topics, including health, food, nutrition, pets, travel, business, technology, and automotive. These pieces have been published both online and in print. They have ranged in length, although many have been around 500 words. Judy is also familiar with writing creative titles, headings, and photo captions for articles. She has extensive experience in SEO article writing and natural use of keywords.

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421 Projects Completed

Judy has written blog posts in various content areas, including health, business, and finance. Some blogs she has authored have been a hybrid between blog and article formats. Style and tone have ranged from more to less formal, depending on client needs and audience. Blog length of her pieces has varied, although many have been around 500 words plus headings.

Product Description

84 Projects Completed

Judy has written a great deal of advertising and marketing content, including product descriptions for websites and print material. Products she has written about have included furniture, decorative items, gifts, toys, and electronics. She is familiar with being informational and descriptive in tone when writing this type of content. Judy enjoys this form of writing and the creativity it can encourage.

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