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Kathryn completed her Bachelor's Degree at Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, TN, with a double major in English and Studio Art. For her English degree, which had a focus in critical theory, she took courses that covered a range of topics included but not limited to 19th Century American Literature, Children's Literature, Poetry, and African Diaspora Studies. She was also an active writer and image editor for the satirical Vanderbilt newspaper, The Slant. She often edited other writer's articles while providing them with the tools to improve their ability to make the reader laugh yet also be informed about the topics discussed.


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Industry Projects

  • Humor10+
  • Real Estate10+
  • Beauty1

Summary of Industry Experience


Kathryn was a staff writer and image editor for the Vanderbilt University satirical newspaper, The Slant. Here is one of her articles written during news coverage of the Michael Vick scandal.

Real Estate

Kathryn has completed blog posts and articles for multiple websites to bring in new readers and provide interesting yet accurate information about travel, real estate, and city living.


Kathryn was interested in providing content to a list formated website. Here is a portion of an unfinished and unpublished piece about cruelty free cosmetics and personal hygiene products.

Product Projects

  • Twitter Post10+
  • Blog Post10+
  • Press Release2
  • Product Description2

Summary of Product Experience

Twitter Post

Kathryn runs a DIY booking agency and creative space that she uses social media to advertise her upcoming shows, artists events, poetry readings, and more. Here is a tweet she sent out for a festival she booked this past summer.

Blog Post

Kathryn has written several blog posts for websites to inform their clients and readers of the options they have for the services provided by the company. She has produced succinct, informative, yet entertaining copy for these websites.

Press Release

Working closely with many local musicians, Kathryn is often asked to book a regional or national tour or to provide a band with a press release. This sample was sent out to major public relations companies dealing in alternative and extreme metal genres.

Product Description

Kathryn has taken on jobs to rewrite product pages for a craft website so that the description was not simply a copy and past from the manufacturers website. She was asked to inject personality and selling points into the writing, so that it would be more desirable for customers seeking out a product for their art solutions.

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