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Writing is Mollie's greatest love, her therapy. She find it exponentially important to share stories and advice with other people in the world so they know they are not alone. Being a relatable writer that can advocate and give people hope (and a laugh or two) is what Mollie aspires to do with her life. She is a current business student at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. She is also a former writer for VCU's fashion blog, River City Fashion Uprising until she started decided to start her own blog, The Edge of Energy, with hopes to be able to write more freely and inspire people. In terms of relationships, Mollie feels as though she has been through it all and has exponential advice to give, one article she has attached is the first of her series "The Sucky Situation", which will be a detailed account of her past boyfriends and how women, including herself, need to take back their feminine power. Other than relationships, she loves fashion, beauty, politics pertaining to college students, and the health of young women in college today. Mollie believes as a contributing writer, she could make a difference in people lives by providing them with laughs, hope, and the support that comes with reading about someone going through something similar to your current situation.
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River City Fashion Uprising is a blog at VCU for all things fashion. It is a student run blog that looks for fashion and beauty tips to share with the student body. In addition to fashion, RCFU interviews up-and-coming designers, as well as well established designers that are local to Richmond to spread information about their businesses and the mission statements that go along with them. Mollie's experience at RCFU was interviewing designers, helping to orchestrate forums, photographing street style outfits to share with the student body, and producing articles with information that not only told the student body about the designer, but also why the designers decided to design. This helps give other aspiring designers at VCU inspiration to follow their dreams.

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Mollie started her own blog in May of 2015 before she began living in St. Maarten (an island in the Caribbean) to teach scuba diving for a few months before returning to Richmond, VA to continue her studies. Writing about her personal experiences with men in her life as well as the beauty of traveling and scuba diving has become a passion of Mollie's. She loves sharing her thoughts and advice with the world on a more relatable level than many other blogs of the same nature. Her posts vary, but Mollie primarily focus on traveling and relationships.

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