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Kathleen has an extensive business background. Prior to writing professionally, she held management positions in several industries including consulting, technology and healthcare. She has lived in the trenches, not just written about them. Having established her own business in 2004, Kathleen has had many years of experience in meeting deadlines without fail and keeping clients happy.

Kathleen offers three key skills. First, she has the ability to use her own expertise to inform her writing. Second, she has the capacity for doing research on a wide variety of topics, identifying the heart of the information, and then presenting it in an easy-to-understand written form. Third, Kathleen enjoys producing different styles of writing -- from friendly to formal to a bit irreverent. Her natural curiosity keeps her motivated to find that one last piece of information that will make her writing come alive.

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Business, Real Estate, Healthcare, Marketing, Internet Marketing, Branding


Horse owner, trail rider, voracious reader


Western Michigan University

Kathleen A. graduated cum laude with a business major and a marketing minor.

Real Estate

150 Projects Completed

Real estate is a fascinating industry. When she first started working with small businesses, Kathleen's curiosity about the real estate industry was peaked. The state of sales and marketing beliefs among real estate brokers and agents motivated her to provide services to the real estate industry. Her goal was to bring solid marketing concepts to the real estate professional. Along the way, she has developed an overall understanding of residential and commercial real estate sales and marketing, how the real estate market works, financing issues and more.

Home Living

125 Projects Completed

Kathleen has written for real estate professionals for over 10 years. A large part of the work she completed over that time was geared toward consumers, and addressed a wide variety of home living topics. Kathleen writes interesting and informative content in the Home Living space, and seamlessly integrates keyword phrases as needed.


103 Projects Completed

Kathleen has held two management positions in the healthcare industry. One position provided understanding of the industry from the health care insurance provider's perspective, and the other immersed her in the issues facing doctors and hospitals.

Kathleen brings a depth of understanding to the task of writing on healthcare issues. With her experience in the industry, and her well-honed research and writing skills, Kathleen excels when writing on healthcare issues.


100 Projects Completed

Kathleen's business writing has covered a wide range of projects. She is skilled at writing web content that can help a business attract the right Internet visitors, and then tantalize them with a well-placed call to action. Press releases are one of Kathleen's favorites -- she loves the challenge of writing a release that grabs attention, even if the topic of the release isn't going to end up on the evening news.

Kathleen is skilled at interviewing subject matter experts to write a newsletter or article. The questions she asks serve to provide the type of in-depth information that businesses look for. And, her ability to quickly absorb and organize information on a variety of topics allows her to maintain the voice of the individuals she interviews. That tends to result in comments such as, "That's exactly what I wanted to say; it just sounds a whole lot better now."

Blog Post

180 Projects Completed

Kathleen combines writing skills with an in-depth understanding of SEO to produce blog posts that are well researched, reader-focused and structured to improve the SEO of the website.

She focuses on a number of issues that combine to make a good blog post. Keyword phrases must appear in the body of the post, meta tags and the categories to which the post is assigned. Reading is easier on a monitor when the paragraphs are short and when subheadings are used to break up a page of text. Lists are a very effective format for posts. In all cases, a post needs to be well-researched.

Kathleen is highly skilled at doing Internet research to find the right information for the piece. She is also very careful to ensure that all of her blog posts are totally unique. Original content is important to get the attention of the search engines and to avoid plagiarism. Besides being illegal, plagiarism is a problem because no one wants to read a rehash of posts or articles they can find elsewhere online.

Web Page

101 Projects Completed

Kathleen has been very involved in writing effective web pages for a number of years. She understands the type of layout that works best to make online content easy to read. Her in-depth knowledge of SEO allows her to craft web pages that support the SEO plan for each website. She is very skilled at researching a complex topic and producing content that communicates the right message while being easy to understand. The sample below falls into this category.

Many web pages are intended to motivate the reader to action. After learning about the audience for the website and the objective of the site owner, Kathleen writes copy that communicates clearly and includes appropriate calls to action.

Newsletter Content

33 Projects Completed

Kathleen has written both internal and external company newsletters. In order to write an effective newsletter, Kathleen combines her understanding of the business environment with an ability to put herself in the shoes of the readers of the newsletter. She helps her clients take company information and turn it into interesting articles that illustrate value to customers and motivate employees.

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