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Sarah is a 2007 graduate of Arkansas State University. She majored in history and completed a minor in Philosophy. Upon graduation, she attended Mississippi College School of Law, where she focused primarily on family and juvenile law. She worked for two separate juvenile courts, but ultimately determined that the practice of law was not for her.

Sarah bounced around a little bit before starting to teach Pre-K. She taught 4-5 year old children for two years. She then completed a non-traditional teaching program and began teaching high school English. She has a love a books and kids, so she figured why not combine the two? Working at the high school level was enlightening.

Currently, Sarah works as a freelance writer and at home baker. She runs two blogs. One blog details both her teaching and baking careers. The other blog details her crash course in the publishing business. She completed her first novel and is currently trying to find a literary agent.
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Sarah's specialties are baking, publishing, and education.


Sarah has a wide variety of interests. She loves to read. She can often be found with a book in her hand. She also loves photography. While she is no expert, she does love going outdoors and blazing a trail through the woods to find an interesting subject for her to shoot. Sarah also loves to bake. She makes specialty cakes by order and also likes to experiment with no flavors and recipes.


Arkansas State Univeristy

Sarah attended Arkansas State University from 2003-2007. She began with a major in Nursing, but quickly switched to History, which she loves. She also minored in Philosophy, after discovering her love of it while taking a required basic course.


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Sarah is a former high school English, Oral Communication, and Journalism teacher. She taught ninth and twelfth grade at a low income school in rural Arkansas.


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Some people do yoga or meditation to relieve stress, Sarah bakes. When life gets tough, she can often be found mixing something up in the kitchen. She began eight years ago while in graduate school and quickly found that may be her one true talent. Self-taught, the internet often gives her ideas and inspirations for her next project.


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Sarah is currently learning the ins and outs of the publishing business after completing her first novel. She never knew that there was so much to getting a book published. From researching to writing a query letter to determining which agents to submit to, she is quickly learning that this business is not for the faint of heart.

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Sarah has began a blog on the perils of trying to get a novel published. She is getting a crash course in the publishing business and sharing her experiences.

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