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Jessica is a freelance writer and English teacher. She served as editor-in-chief for her collegiate newspaper and majored in communication and English. She writes predominantly education articles, with a focus on curriculum design and classroom management. As a post-graduate student, she wrote and published several articles related to urban education and technological efficacy. In a non-scholarly capacity, Jessica enjoys writing online content on her true passions - traveling, cooking, crafting, social media trends, fitness, and nutrition.


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Industry Projects

  • Gaming50+
  • Education20+
  • Travel5

Summary of Industry Experience


Jessica has contributed numerous gaming and gaming-related articles for online publications. She writes walkthroughs, "how-tos," reviews, and pieces on video game lore. She has written pieces for consoles (including retro games), as well as PC and mobile games.


Jessica possesses a M.S. in Secondary Education and is practicing English/ESL teacher. She has two years of EFL experience and three years of traditional classroom experience. She writes articles on educational policy, classroom management, and technological integration. She also researches and writes on challenges of the urban classroom and ESL/ELL learners.


Jessica is an extensive traveler and top (1 percent) contributor on a popular travel website. She writes reviews of destinations, restaurant recommendations, travel tips, and cultural advice. She likes to focus on maximizing travel experiences for those on a budget, and is always on the lookout for an amazing deal.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Blog Post10+
  • Brochure10+

Summary of Product Experience


Jessica writes articles on education, pet care, health, video games, and other topics required by publishers. Publishers range from online news publications and educational resources to fashion blogs and "how-to" websites. Jessica is an expert researcher and excels at adapting to the voice of the publisher. She is also familiar with SEO strategies in online article writing.

Blog Post

Jessica contributed fashion and style pieces to a woman's lifestyle website. Posts varied in scope and ranged from seasonal trends to skincare routines. The blog required a fun, empowering voice with a focus on improvement. Blog posts required accompanying photographs, as well as appropriate links to products (if any) recommended by the author.


Jessica creates brochures and copy for local businesses, primarily for advertisers looking to appear in local newspapers. Brochures are typically inserts about a service or a product, though Jessica also enjoys creating brochures for travel destinations or medical information. Jessica has completed both single-page and traditional tri-fold brochures for clients.

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