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Michele G
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Michele has been writing consumable content for readers for more than 12 years. She tackles a wide variety of topics, makes it a point to use proper SEO techniques along with latent semantic indexing as she writes. Michele also makes it a point to stay up-to-date on the latest formatting styles, AP style, and writes scannable content. She also puts the client first by following their instructions, style requirements and guidelines, as well as working with SEO apps such as Surfer SEO.

She enjoys the challenge of presenting difficult topics in such a way that the layperson can understand it and help them make an informed decision. While Michele has certain topics that she prefers to write about, she doesn't hesitate to step outside her comfort zone. She views it as an opportunity and a challenge to be taken on.

Michele was raised in a small, family-owned business, and it was there that she learned most of what she knows about the issues that small businesses face. She has owned her own small business with 10 employees, providing specialty transportation services. Being an entrepreneur and taking on the challenges that come with are something that she enjoys greatly.

Her experience as an entrepreneur has shown her the benefit of delivering orders on-time and putting the client's needs first.
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