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Michele has tackled a wide variety of topics that go way beyond her art education. She enjoys the challenge of presenting difficult topics in such a way that the layperson can understand it. When it comes to researching tough topics, she goes straight to the source, such as the IRS, reads through the material, then breaks it down so it's easy to read.

While Michele has certain topics that she prefers to write about, she doesn't hesitate to step outside her comfort zone. She views it as an opportunity and a challenge to be taken on.

Michele focuses on client satisfaction, and works hard to make sure that the work meets expectations. To achieve this, she reads all instructions thoroughly in order to provide content that the client needs for their purposes.

Michele was raised in a small, family-owned business, and it was there that she learned most of what she knows about the issues that small businesses face. She has owned her own small business with 10 employees, providing specialty transportation services. Being an entrepreneur and taking on the challenges that come with are something that she enjoys greatly.
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Michele specializes in active voice with an eye to being persuasive and engaging. She keeps her writing factual and to the point without being dry. Her goal is to bring the reader into the article and keep them interested with the information she provides.

Content types she has written includes: informational pages, white pages, press releases, product descriptions, blog posts, SEO articles of all lengths, and blurbs. Word length has ranged from 70 words all the way up to 2000 and beyond.

She can and has written in all kinds of voices. If the work calls for first, second, third, casual or strictly informational, she does it as requested.


Michele is always making something, whether it be a piece of jewelry, a hat or a garment. For a different side of her, she has spent most of her life working with horses and has done just about everything there is to do with those of the equid persuasion. Other interests are various and capricious, such as being fascinated with income taxes, various aspects of the law across the U.S., and studying the IRS.


Columbia College of Chicago

Received a full arts education that was grounded in reality. Education involved learning how to build a garment from pattern to finish for the major and lesser courses followed a similar style. Teachers taught students how to start from the ground up in order to achieve the finished design no matter what type of class it was. Understudy involved taking a variety of English literature classes and workshops.


2,375 Projects Completed

Michele has created content for a variety of legal topics that include personal injury, bankruptcy, tax law, defective drugs and medical malpractice. She makes it a point to avoid offering legal advice while explaining the law in a way that the layman can understand it. Her desire is to help non-legal minds grasp the laws that apply to their situation. Michele is also capable of discussing the kind of assistance that a lawyer gives to a client without promising results.


716 Projects Completed

Michele has spent her entire life involved in business. It began when her father opened his own company in 1973. There she learned about the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur at an early age. This has led her to owning a specialty transportation company with employees, then turning to entrepreneurship after leaving the transportation industry.


337 Projects Completed

Michele has been working as an independent fashion designer since graduating in 1993. She has built men's suit jackets by hand, constructed complicated Renaissance garments, created hats from different materials, and has made handbags. Michele has designed and created everything that goes on the body except for shoes, and those are next!


129 Projects Completed

Michele has wide-ranging experience with personal and small business taxes. She can explain how to itemize deductions on a Schedule A and how important Schedule C is for the self-employed. Michele is also knowledgeable in the areas where the legal field and taxes overlap.

She is very aware of the importance of interpreting tax rules correctly, and goes straight to the source (IRS) to read them firsthand. It is important to her that she have the correct grasp of the rule in question so as to provide her client with the most accurate information possible.


84 Projects Completed

Michele has spent most of her life working with horses, doing everything from riding in a variety of disciplines to providing equine health care. She has ridden dressage, hunter/jumper, Western and has also driven horses professionally. While it's never possible to completely know everything about the equine, she does possess a deep knowledge about how to handle, care for and maintain a horse in a variety of conditions. Michele can explain how to fit a saddle, position a bit in the mouth, and how to properly harness the horse. She can also explain how to wrap legs, when and why, how to heal a stubborn saddle sore and discuss the various types of colic and how to recognize them.

Blog Post

1,827 Projects Completed

Michele has written blog posts on a variety of subjects. Topics include writing topical blogs for law firms, conversational blogs about personal finances, automotive related topics and more.
Michele has written many blog posts over the years on a wide variety of subjects, learning about the subject matter while writing about it. The education translates into being able to write a concise blog post about the subject the next time work of this nature arises.

Product Description

1,530 Projects Completed

Michele has written thousands of product descriptions of all types. She focuses on making the description pop so your potential customer feels good about the product they're looking to buy. Michele uses her training in design to pick out all the details of the product and bring them forward in a clear and concise manner while making the product sound inviting and interesting.


1,128 Projects Completed

Michele has written thousands of articles on many subjects, ranging from bankruptcy issues, entertainment topics, merchant service accounts, informational items about horses to all forms of insurance.

The writer focuses on areas that there is familiarity with in order to provide work that cannot be impeached for inaccuracies. When straying out of a familiar area, the writer thoroughly researches for information that has a general consensus on the topic before starting to write.

White Paper

10 Projects Completed

Michele has written white papers mainly on legal subjects. When creating this type of work, the papers are written with thorough and absolute research, to the point of talking with experts in the subject matter. This is to create a solid and thorough final work that educates, explains and defends the current thinking on the given subject.

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