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Jennifer H's love affair with writing began on her sixth birthday when she received her first journal. She loved the feeling of putting pen to paper and seeing what would come out. As she grew older and experienced more teen angst, writing became a way to express what she was feeling that did not involve typical risk-taking behaviors of that age.

Fast forward to high school when she discovered the beautiful symmetry of a five-paragraph essay. Jennifer loved being able to take her jumbled persuasions and put them in a form that rewarded her with "A" after "A". More importantly, she found comfort in sitting at a computer with stacks of research and emerging with beautiful, crisp, white and black pages, full of documented analysis.

In college, Jennifer was tasked with clinical reports from her work in a speech and hearing clinic. The format was strict, the language was sterile, but she still enjoyed sitting down to present her findings in the written word. Even after she entered the world of human resource management, writing training guidelines, procedure manuals, and marketing materials was the fun part of any job.

Which brings her to today. Jennifer began editing copy for an internet marketing firm six months ago and is constantly shocked at what is considered, "good content". It takes her nearly as much time to clean up grammatical mistakes, awkward language, and strange punctuation than it would to write the copy herself. She is an excellent writer who can produce well-researched copy quickly. She is an untapped asset to your group and is excited to get started.


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Industry Projects

  • Real Estate100+
  • Medical100+
  • Insurance50+
  • Staffing50+
  • Kids/Family50+
  • Education20+
  • Marketing20+

Summary of Industry Experience

Real Estate

From neighborhood guides to tips on hiring a real estate agent, Jennifer has continually exceeded her clients' expectations for her work within the real estate industry. Using her command of research and a congenial style, her blog posts are equal parts statistical evidence and anecdotal explanation. From "how to's" to "dos and don'ts", Jennifer offers a wealth of knowledge and quick turnaround to your project needs.


Jennifer has experience writing blog articles and web content for plastic surgeons, chiropractors, and other health professionals. She has constructed website content detailing clinical procedures, their risks, and scholarly research to back the doctor's claims. With a strong background in research writing, there is no clinical competency that lies outside of Jennifer's scope.


Jennifer's expertise in the insurance industry has come as a direct result of her experience with WriterAccess. Having nearly all of her industry-related pieces for a singular company, she has become familiar not only with the property and casualty division, but with the emerging technological trends.


From training guides to policy manuals, Jennifer H has completed numerous projects for universities, hospitals, small businesses and doctors offices on both a contract and employment basis. She has not only provided high quality products to her clients, but has also maintained relationships that have allowed her to serve as a human resource adviser.


Jennifer's academic career was heavy with child development, psychology, and language acquisition courses. She has been able to utilize this knowledge in her writing and as a mother of four young children. Capitalizing on her vast parenting experience and her academic background, Jennifer has the ability to captivate audiences with her conversational style and statistically sound research.


With an educational background in Communicative Disorders, Psychology, and Child Development, Jennifer has a keen understanding of the educational needs of today's student. Having completed articles on childhood anxiety, learning strategies, and character development, the breadth of her knowledge is only matched by her passion for the material.


Jennifer has recently entered the world of internet marketing. As a contractor, she is often tasked to take basic copy from contracted writers and tailor it to the needs of the company's clients. From blog posts to articles, Jennifer uses her grammatical abilities and research skills to "beef up" thin content, create compelling titles, extrapolate keywords, and create meta descriptions.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Article100+
  • Script/Video3

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Having maintained a personal blog since 2009 Jennifer H has recently begun maintaining a blog on behalf of a personal injury law firm. She is skilled not only in conveying a personal message, but also in providing information using keywords, meta descriptions, and compelling titles.


As a contract writer for an online women's magazine, Jennifer wrote personal interest pieces. Typically given a broad topic such as "treasure" and parameters such as "an experience where you came to treasure something unexpected", Jennifer would then draw on her life experiences as a wife, mother, and native Floridian to create compelling articles of varying length.


After acting in a local theater's production of "Into the Woods", Jennifer H was approached by the musical director about co-directing a musical the following year. She agreed and found herself at the helm of "The Mikado". The challenge was to bring a 130-year-old musical into 21st century without compromising the integrity of the original content. Jennifer had the opportunity to rewrite song lyrics to reflect 21st century plights, change dialogue to reflect local celebrity, and stage a production that was not only relevant but accessible to the general public. "The Mikado" was so well-received, she was invited back to direct a piece the following year.

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