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He loves writing and has published 2 poetry books, working on the third poetry book now. He has finished writing his first fictional novel but has not published it yet. He reads grammar books for fun and enjoys learning new things about the art of writing. He studies vocabulary words to expand the his thought, to paint a better picture, and to connect with the readers. He works hard for his readers, making sure they get something valuable from his writing. Since readers give him their precious time, he feels great responsibility to give them a wonderful reading experience.


He writes for businesses, promoting their special brands, making their customers see their businesses in a new light. He composes poetry daily and uses rhythm, flow and structure when technical writing.


He enjoys writing about sports, products, nature, and services. He loves to walk two miles daily, using the time to get writing ideas.


George Mason University, and University Of Maryland University College

In 2005, Mikias G received his bachelor's degree in Accounting from George Mason University. In 2015, he received his master's in Accounting and Information Systems from University Of Maryland University College.


4 Projects Completed

After finishing grad school, he completed four projects for the auto industry, describing the latest cars for dealerships. He gave their customers detailed information about the products, highlighting the unique features.


3 Projects Completed

He wrote various articles for sport companies, helping them with recruiting and broadening their customer base. He wrote to their customers, recommending the customers' products.

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