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With a degree in Writing secured from Texas Christian University, Rhamy has put his knowledge to the test in the time since. Though he's an aspiring novelist with several manuscripts to his name, he's also been a freelance writer and blogger for over three years, with millions of typed-up words to prove it. Always eager to entertain the masses and offer up enlightening information, he'll gladly take on any task that lets him use his writing to make the world a better place -- even if it just amounts to putting a smile on one reader's face.
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Texas Christian University

With a mission to improve his craft and become a sterling author since day one, Rhamy entered Texas Christian University in 2007 to fulfill his ambitions. Though he started off as an English major, he switched to the more specified Writing major -- and as a result, he took several classes in composition and creative writing. Those classes stood in addition to the regular coursework, which allowed him to improve his research and essay-writing skills.

Rhamy made it into the school on a scholarship, made the Dean's List regularly, and ultimately left the school while graduating Summa Cum Laude. All of it was for the sake of writing, his dream, and using the written word to make the world a better place.


135 Projects Completed

As a contributor to Gamer Headlines, Rhamy has written a number of articles dedicated to video games. From direct and informative news posts to in-depth opinion pieces, he has compiled no small number of published articles there.

Additionally, he has written posts for gaming website Destructoid on a consistent basis -- several of which have been promoted directly to the site's front page, as requested by fans and readers alike.


73 Projects Completed

Though his expertise and passion lie with video games, Rhamy is no stranger to the entertainment industry. With articles written for sites like JBG News and Lolwot, he has not only proven an ability to find new and accurate information, but to report on it in an entertaining manner.


6 Projects Completed

Although a good deal of his writing includes a humorous tone, some of Rhamy's published work is specifically geared toward bringing the laughs. His list articles have at once proven informative and comical, and a treat for anyone who gives them a read.

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Rhamy runs his own blog, Cross-Up, via the Blogger platform -- and has done so almost without interruption for more than three years. Although the current rate of release is two posts a week, that hasn't stopped him from building an archive of over six hundred essay-length yet informal posts; the majority of them are in-depth analyses of video games, movies, TV shows, and more. Those looking for a fresh perspective aren't left wanting.

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