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Ron writes on a vast number of topics ranging from business to parenting to politics to sports to everyday minutiae - whatever is needed. He will meet your deadlines with compelling, thought-provoking content. He has a professional background in engineering and business analysis, where he honed his writing skills, presenting and communicating project plans and results to a varied audience. He has also written personal blogs on several subjects, including parenting, local politics, and several of his hobbies.

Ron is pursuing more writing work, and has successfully completed assignments in various industries (business, craft, entertainment) and assets (blog posts, product descriptions). Prior to this recent freelance work, Ron was the major content provider and editor for a corporate website overhaul, including all page content and copywriting, as well as hundreds of product description pages.


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Industry Projects

  • Auto20+
  • Business6
  • Politics5
  • Marketing5

Summary of Industry Experience


Ron has provided content for numerous automotive web pages. He weaves hard facts with descriptive details to describe the features and benefits of any automobile.


Ron has written blog posts for professional webpages of several businesses. The topics and audiences for these posts range from academics, product management, web design, dentistry, and more. Ron is able to take focus keywords and shape a descriptive and meaningful post around them.


Ron has written extensively on politics at the local level. His expertise lies in his ability to research and understand issues and events in a community, and to communicate in simple and provocative ways how people will be affected.


Not only does Ron write excellent marketing materials like press releases and product descriptions, he also writes about marketing techniques and practices.

Product Projects

  • Web Page20+
  • Blog Post10+
  • Product Description2

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Ron has extensive experience taking a client's notes and ideas, and crafting them into web page content for a variety of industries and subject matter. His strength is his ability to weave a common thread through the research material to create content with a common them and a persuasive call to action.

Blog Post

Aside from his personal blogs, which number over 200 posts, Ron has written blog posts for various businesses, product review sites, and social and lifestyle blogs.

Product Description

Ron is an experienced writer of product descriptions. He recently edited and produced content for a corporate website and online catalog, which included hundreds of product descriptions.

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