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Casey S
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St. Petersburg, FL, FL
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Casey has a BA in technical writing, and continues her professional development as a member of Women Who Code and the Society of Technical Communication.

Technical Writer:
-- Create & update help documentation for several Focus software user manuals
-- Research & demo content management systems to update help documentation knowledge base
-- Write, edit, format, & publish technical documents on multiple platforms
-- Write, review & edit training video scripts
-- Write, review & edit marketing materials
-- Research & write detailed release notes for new versions of all Focus software products
-- Revamp Focus website's company & open position descriptions
-- Review applicants for the technical writing department, and interview candidates
-- Collaborate on new business proposal writing & RFP responses
-- Contributor/Final Editor of company's quarterly newsletter
-- Assist in preparations for the annual Focus Users' Conference

Quality technical writing ensures that your customers can use your products effectively, getting the most from their investments. Casey’s documents will bridge the gaps between programming code and what users experience; she’s clear, concise, and her points are easy to follow.

Content Writer:
-- Create print and web marketing content and sponsored content for various businesses, brands, and organizations
-- Created high-energy web content that engages readers
-- Makes webpages primarily for users, not for search engines, naturally increasing SEO and conversion rates.
-- Created promotional direct-to-consumer email marketing content to showcase features of company products.

Casey writes excellent how-to guides and expertly sourced articles. She’s conscientious of emerging trends – particularly those that influence technology, social media, and the web – and delivers creativity with each bottom line. Her work ties eclectic subject matter into interesting content that readers enjoy from title to conclusion.

Business Writer:
Casey writes successful business proposals, marketing materials, and resources for company websites.

More about Casey:
Casey is passionate about community advocacy, social engagement, and helping non-profits throughout Tampa Bay. As a volunteer, she’s written business documents, including successful grant proposals, and materials for online and print. She’s followed Obama’s grassroots campaign efforts and covered equal rights politics for a local news source.
Product Description


e-learning, user manuals, online training, scripts, proposals, grants, help documentation, technical writing, content development, blogging, press releases, SEO, business writing, marketing writing, WordPress, web design, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Javascript


technology, information, communication, computer programming, entrepreneurship, small business marketing, online marketing, education, cooking, website design, and community advocacy.


University of South Florida


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10,000 Projects Completed

Casey writes about technology and emerging technology trends in a variety of industries, including healthcare, insurance, e-commerce, data management, mass communications, politics, and online advertising.

She also writes blogs, practical how-to guides, and informative articles for everyday users or specific audiences.

Product Description

10,000 Projects Completed

As a technical writer in the software industry, Casey has years of experience working on substantially large projects, including:
--> e-learning courses
--> multi-user manuals
--> training handouts
--> training video scripts
--> contract proposals


100 Projects Completed

Casey writes RFPs, grants, and business proposals. She has experience in business development for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

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