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As a personal trainer and writer, Rachel decided to expand her worth online so that she can achieve her goals of making a living writing and spending time on the Internet.

With over seven years of freelance writing experience, Rachel's written thousands of articles across a variety of niches. She appreciates hearing feedback so that she can make her articles better and more to the client's preference. If you want it, she'll write it!

5 "Fun" Facts About Rachel:

1. Rachel's typing speed averages between 100-120 WPM on any given day. Her record is 122 -- for now.

2. She plays a variety of tabletop games on the weekend, like a Marvel tabletop roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons, Settlers of Catan, and even Munchkin!

3. Her favorite band is and always will be Pink Floyd. Classic and psychedelic rock make her believe she was born in the wrong generation.

4. She is unreasonably addicted to all things fitness. Getting certified as a personal trainer and nutritionist, her overall goal in life is to change as many lives as possible.

5. Reading is not just a hobby, but a passion. Rachel will always be a bookworm.
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Reading, Gaming, Typing, Adventuring, Running, Learning


Stephen F Austin University

Started a degree towards being an English teacher before discovering an absolute passion for fitness. Eventually going back to finish a degree simply for the fun of learning, but presently focusing all energy on fitness and nutrition with a special interest in weight loss and postnatal fitness.


1,001 Projects Completed

In the last three years, Rachel found a strong passion for fitness and health, so much so that she began influencing the people around her to transition to a healthier lifestyle. She is currently getting certified as a personal trainer and nutritionist, gaining knowledge on how fitness and health have more than just physical changes to the body.

Rachel enjoys spending time writing about the fitness and health niches, including recipes, step-by-step exercise articles, informative guides, and more. Rachel writes in-depth about not only the physical changes you experience with fitness? but the mental and emotional changes you experience as well.


1,000 Projects Completed

Rachel has become well-versed in the popular and ever-changing marketing and digital marketing niches. She's written for a variety of marketing websites, researching constantly to step up her writing game and even diving into aspects of digital marketing herself. She's helped two local businesses take off through both local marketing techniques and social media marketing, along with SEO for their websites. She's had and built up her own website, centered around the health benefits of meditation and how it can be a treatment for many disorders.

Currently laying the groundwork for an online personal training and nutrition consulting venture, Rachel wants to change the world with a combination of fitness and the written word -- no matter how small a change that might be.

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153 Projects Completed

Rachel has written and currently writes blog posts for various websites as a ghost writer. Additionally, she writes for her own blog, which is centered around fitness, healthy eating, meal prep, and consumption accountability.

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