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Greg G
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Greg's career as a professional writer began in 2007 with the release of his first financial industry book, "Financial Planning Basics." Shortly after, he became a regular contributor to a number of insurance and financial industry publications. He quickly gained a reputation for quality and accuracy, as well as an ability to explain ordinarily complex industry concepts to uninitiated consumers. He began writing educational pieces for popular websites such as eHow, Zacks, the Nest, and Chron. The popularity of his work was noticed by management staff at The Motley Fool, and Greg was soon hired as a regular contributor there. The editorial staff at The Motley Fool commended him not only for his high-quality articles, but also for his expert comprehension of proper AP style and format guidelines; before long, Greg was hired as an assistant editor. Unfortunately, after more than a year and a half of impressive production and unprecedented editorial contributions, the unexpected failure of top-level corporate negotiations with key Internet search providers forced The Motley Fool to lay off more than 600 workers, of which Greg was included. Shortly after, another consumer investment-oriented website, InvestorPlace, recruited Greg as both a writer and editor. Since then, Greg has written dozens of consumer-focused investment articles and stories, as well as edited countless others.
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