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James is an author of several books, has been an editor for Better Content magazine, and a freelance writer for blogs, websites, eBooks, technical documents, product reviews, email follow up series, press releases, white papers, and sales copy among other asset types.

James has written 9 books and he maintains several blogs some his own as well as for clients.

Prior to becoming a writer, he was a software development consultant. His experience is in various industries but his most recent projects were consulting for large, international banks.


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Summary of Industry Experience


James has software development experience and has worked as a consultant for several companies for many years, prior to become a full time writer.


James worked as a computer consultant on a bond trading floor. He created pricing models for structuring Credit Default Swaps on mortgage loans. He also created a pricing model for student loans.


James has written several books, non fiction as well as some children's books. He also is experienced in the publishing process itself and can help people who are looking to get published.

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

James is a seasoned blog writer for his own blogs as well as for clients. His background as a researcher helps him delve deeper than many of his blog colleagues. He can write on several subjects including marketing, writing, music, and finance as well as others.


James has written several non fiction books and three children's books, including a Christmas story.

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