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Meghan has been writing fiction and poetry for herself for fifteen years. She ventured into the world of blogging in 2013 and has tried her hand at writing different topics since then. In 2015 she became a contributor for Sidelines App and occasionally submits in the Parenting/Family category.


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Meghan has completed over 25 projects (as of 9/13/2015) on a freelance basis on the topics of marriage, relationships, and dating. Meghan is also tasked with pitching topic ideas to one of her clients on a regular basis 4-6 topics at a time.


Meghan is just gearing up! As a new mom she enjoys using her observations of her own child's behavior to wax poetic as to what it means to be a mother. She keeps a down-to-Earth viewpoint and discusses what motherhood means as if she were speaking to a closes friend.


Meghan maintains her own blog which contains her experiences and observations in the world around her.

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Summary of Product Experience


Meghan has begun building relationships with other blogs and sites to create original content. She has loaded a sample from an assignment of eight articles she recently completed.

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