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Amber has approximately five years of professional writing experience. In the past, she has worked for the Ashtabula Star Beacon, the Dayton Daily News, webFEAT, Inc. (now webFEAT Complete), TechTarget, and for Allied Supply Company. She has ample experience with both print and online news, as she has written news articles, website content, product announcements, reviews, feature articles, product descriptions and more. She also has experience with creating newsletters and press releases.
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Technology reviews, news articles, blogs, website content (e.g. "About Us," "Company History")


Amber loves reading, writing and playing video games in her spare time.


Wright State University

Amber graduated from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio with a B.A. in Professional English, a minor degree in Political Science, and a certification in technical writing.


333 Projects Completed

While working for TechTarget Inc., Amber was required to write a minimum of two technology news articles per day and review one laptop or printer per week. All reviews required in-depth benchmark testing. Although laptops and printers were her specialty, she also reviewed All-in-One PCs, smartphones, and various computer accessories. At the height of her career, Amber was sent to New York City and Vegas to meet with representatives from HP (Hewlett-Packard), SanDisk, Toshiba, Case Logic, Dell, and many more.

She was also given full charge of the company's main website within 8 months of employment. It was her responsibility to write SEO-driven news articles every day via a CMS.

Amber was also required to create technology-based feature articles. She put her journalism skills to the test when interviewing industry contacts and writing factual feature news stories.


101 Projects Completed

Amber has several years of experience in arts and crafts, and just as many years writing about it. She has about three years of experience with making jewelry and two years woodworking experience.


52 Projects Completed

While working for TechTarget, Amber reviewed several video games, including (but not limited to) Portal 2, Guild Wars 2, and Skyrim. She has also written news articles about gaming accessories, including articles about gaming mice and gaming keyboards. She also wrote a handful of gaming laptop reviews (e.g. 'MSI GT783 Gaming Laptop Review').


454 Projects Completed

Amber has about five years of article writing experience. She has worked for the Dayton Daily News, Ashtabula Star Beacon, TechTarget (most notably, and Demand Studios.

She has written hundreds of news articles for,, the former (now part of notebookreview), and Demand Studios. She specializes in technology-based articles.

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450 Projects Completed

While working for webFEAT, Amber was in charge of writing for over 60 clients concurrently. She wrote approximately one blog article per week for each client. Some of her clients include Clean Cut Trees (in Cincinnati, OH), Cincinnati Pool & Patio and Safety Shoe Distributors, Inc.

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