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Nancy has been writing and editing online content since 1997. In a variety of positions and formats over the years, Nancy has watched the evolution of SEO and how it has changed the face of content on the net.

While enjoying Health, Medical, and Wellness topics the most, as a ghostwriter there are very few topics that Nancy has not researched and penned for clients. From Astrology to Zen, from Adult Topics to Zombies, and from Antibiotics to Zoos, Nancy's well-rounded experience as a writer has her published in blogs and on websites as other people and corporations in both the US and the UK.


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Industry Projects

  • Medical500+
  • Health100+
  • Spirituality50+
  • Hobby10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Nancy understands that successful Medical Topics need to reference existing, authentic, and respected sources. With a great deal of ghost-written medical topics under her belt, Nancy has written for Medical Technology, IT, Insurance, and Physician blogs and websites.


Nancy's experience with Health Topics is extensive, and she enjoys taking complex subjects and making them more understandable and helpful to the average reader.


Nancy started out her freelance career in the 1990s writing spirituality, astrology, New Age, and related content for several sites and newsletters and taught online classes on these subjects.


Nancy has a lot of interests outside of writing itself and she enjoys using her experience in her writing. Nancy can write with authority on subjects such as genealogy, crafting, video games, and others as she has a wide variety of interests in life.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Web Page100+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Blogs are the ultimate way to keep content fresh for SEO purposes on a weekly or daily basis. They need to be reader-friendly. Vast online ghost blogging experience has driven Nancy to understand that well-placed long-tail keywords, concise titles, and subtitles/bullets should be crafted into an article that hits the highlights while remaining short and interesting enough to keep a reader's attention until the end.

Web Page

Web page copy is something Nancy has been engaged in since the mid 1990s on many, many topics. From articles to listicles to intros or "About us" pages, nancy has successfully done it all.

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