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Writing and research are two of Sakena's strongest areas of expertise. Throughout her career, research has always informed her writing. In turn, she has produced web content, AP style articles, short fiction, research summaries, and essays. Her strong writing background combined with her multidisciplinary background allows her to adapt any writing voice.
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Content writing, essays, literature, SEO, and journalism.


Writing, reading, running, knitting, genealogy, healthcare, traveling, bargain hunting, and decorating.


Antioch University, Los Angeles

Sakena earned an MFA in creative writing with a concentration in fiction. There she wrote short stories, essays, and critical papers.


30 Projects Completed

Sakena turns raw medical data into patient narratives for Watsi, Inc. - a non-profit crowdfunding platform for individuals who need acute treatments.

Search Marketing

20 Projects Completed

Sakena has written over 20 SEO articles and landing pages for IdeaScale, LLC, an innovation software company based in San Francisco.


2 Projects Completed

Sakena has written articles on the effects of poverty on technology and politics for the Borgen Project, a non-profit magazine.


4 Projects Completed

Sakena has written articles for a number of publications including Borgen Project, In the Fray, and San Francisco Review.


3 Projects Completed

Sakena has published several book reviews discussing non-fiction titles, including memoirs and cultural topics.

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