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Jason is currently completing his doctoral studies in Native American history. He previously finished two bachelors in Psychology and Business Management, as well as his M.A. in History. He is a highly accomplished researcher who can draw from multiple sources to produce quality articles for media and academia. Because of his wide background in multiple writing fields, he can take on any voice necessary for divergent audiences. He has produced doctoral level content for academia, written articles for both sports and gaming outlets, been part of developing creative web content and copy for multiple industries, and is a published novelist in the realm of science fiction.


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Jason R's Education Industry Experience

40 Projects Completed

Jason wrote at the highest academic level, composing and editing work for presentation in journals and dissertations. He continues to contract work with individuals in a variety of academic fields.

Industry Projects

  • Travel100+
  • Real Estate100+
  • Education20+
  • Science20+
  • Gaming10+
  • Entertainment10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Wrote advertisement copy for travel agencies advertising in the form of magazines and brochures. Jason assisted in the development of campaigns targeting destinations in South America for developing agencies here in the U.S.

Real Estate

Jason has written on real estate market trends as well notable market and aesthetic strengths that would appeal to customers. Identifies these strengths in order to appeal to potential buyers, maximize internet traffic, and achieve sales. Uses both strong data to identify market trends as well as researched knowledge of an area to identify reasons why buyers would want to own a home in the region.


Jason wrote at the highest academic level, composing and editing work for presentation in journals and dissertations. He continues to contract work with individuals in a variety of academic fields.


Jason worked for several magazine outlets creating articles on topics such as astronomy and health. Used a strong narrative to engage readers that would otherwise find science topics dry or uninteresting. Simultaneously, he used strong research skills to form the core of his writing.


Jason wrote for gaming sites as part of his diverse writing background, and is particularly known for strong opinion pieces on the industry. He has also covered news and press releases for upcoming games.


Jason authored and published a science fiction novel with a sequel due in June. Represented by a publishing company that handles advertisement and promotions. His book has repeatedly placed in the top 50 dystopian and science fiction novels sold month to month.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Book10+
  • Web Page10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Jason has been contracted to write multiple blogs for a variety of businesses across the internet. These range from medical clinics to automobile outlets and legal offices.


Jason is the contracted and published author of the dystopian novel, FLOOR 21.

FLOOR 21 is the 2015 Amazon competition winner. A science fiction dystopian horror for young adults, FLOOR 21 is the story of Jackie, a young women living at the top of an apartment tower with what is left of humanity. Curious and stubborn, she refuses to accept the grim reality of her existence, and seeks to find out how humanity first arrived at the top of the Tower and if there is a ground floor it can escape to. What lies beyond the Tower is unknown, but what is inside, the Creep, is a lethal and violent biological infestation that is prone to capturing and swallowing humans whole. To surive, mankind is forced to embark upon the Scavenging several times a year, pillaging the lower floors to surive. The farther into the depths they travel, the less likely they chance of return.

Web Page

Jason has worked to create website content with a focus on SEO in order to drive increasing business.

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