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Brandy delivers exactly what each piece requires, every time. She begins by genuinely listening to client requests, asking necessary questions and always doing her research. She then follows up by dominating grammar, journalist style, and following a tried-and-true writing and editing process to create a final product both she and her clients can be proud of.
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Brandy's specialties include journalism, blogging and website content generation.


Brandy's interests include women's issues, families and politics.


Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Brandy graduated cum laude in 2010 while serving in Iraq.


75 Projects Completed

Brandy's work with suburban magazines such as Yellow Scene, Brides & Babies and Home & Hood as well as included family health, recreation, interior design, gardening, parenting, education and so much more. She continues to offer industry-leading work in any arena that helps parents, families and children thrive. A former foster parent and current children's teacher, she cares about children deeply.


45 Projects Completed

Brandy's writing career began in the health industry, writing about everything from dental implants to heart disease. She cut her teeth on medical research and extensively studied human nutrition and dietetics in pursuit of my master's degree. Her most recent health-related writing ranges from fluff to the science behind food. In short, when it comes to health, she can do it all.


20 Projects Completed

An equality activist herself, Brandy dedicates herself to causes that matter to women. From human trafficking to equality, her writing in this arena runs the gamut. Brandy traveled the world helping and working with women, both in the military and on her own dime. She helped bring awareness to human trafficking in Denver, body respect and equality to the yoga world and moved along military rape laws with her work covering atrocities in reporting procedures, prosecution and cover-ups. As both a newspaper and magazine reporter and editor, I understand the approach women's issues need, the language to use and avoid, and how to engage all genders.


300 Projects Completed

As a reporter and editor at both magazines and newspapers, article writing comes as second nature to Brandy. She understands the importance of accuracy, brevity and clarity, as well as deadlines. When needed, she can produce 1,500-word pieces, fully edited and sourced, in as little as a day.

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100 Projects Completed

All journalists must adapt, so even in college Brandy's professors ensured she stood ready for all writing and reporting styles. This served her well when she began her own businesses supporting small-business growth with community and blog management. She stands at the forefront of the blogging industry as a reliable option for clients who want to fill their blogs with relevant content that attracts and retains readers.


10 Projects Completed

As a non-profit owner herself, Brandy knows the value of an artfully crafted grant. She successfully funds several non-profits each year in just her spare time. No matter the need, her ability to translate research into real money never disappoints.

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