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Vince brings his clients over thirty years of high tech industry experience and a unique approach to their business and technical communications needs. An important part of his approach is positioning: While delivering information is the purpose of business or technical writing, how that information gets positioned is the difference between a string of words on a white screen and a compelling narrative that engages readers, stirs them to action and builds the client’s brand.

His work includes preparation of web pages (including copy for entire web sites), investor presentations, product brochures, product data sheets, corporate capabilities brochures and presentations, news releases, newsletters, articles, HR presentations, corporate strategy presentations, training materials/presentations and operating manuals. He’s developed comprehensive, coordinated product launch packages (web pages, SEO integration, data sheets, news releases, brochures, sales training decks, and customer presentations) that promote sales and corporate branding objectives. In addition, he’s collaborated with high technology subject matter experts to turn working papers, presentations and conference submissions into effective communications tools.

Vince’s background includes C-level executive assignments and work in over twenty countries. This enables him to quickly assess client needs and to create positioning and tools that will deliver the desired results anywhere in the world.


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The writer has completed numerous communications assignments in the technology industry, including product brochures and presentations, investor presentations, news releases, and newsletters.

Product Projects

  • Grant/Proposal10+

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The writer's background in proposal writing ranges from simple templates to investment proposals to complex, multi-million dollar, high technology capital equipment programs. These documents and PowerPoint presentations are frequently annotated with photography, charts and graphs, illustrations, diagrams and technical results. The writer favors data-rich presentations that deliver technical, financial and market information in the minimalist style as advocated by Edward Tufte.

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