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At the age of seven, Aleisha began her journey as a writer. What began as a class assignment in journaling, became a passion that led her to keep a diary most of her life, write two children's books while she was still a child herself and endeavor to create stories that would pull on heart strings and give hope, pleasure and even deep thought to her readers.

She has written hundreds of short stories, poems, blogs, speeches and lyrics, many of which can be seen on her writing website or even read aloud by her on her YouTube channel.

She wrote, produced and directed several music videos of multiple genres, rock, acoustic, pop and heavy metal.

Her two books: Marney and Me, Best Sisters 4Ever, about a seven year-old genius' relationship with her paraplegic older sister, Marney and her battle with the pubescent "wild animal-like" teenagers in her 7th grade class, and Isabella's Letters, about a young Spanish woman whose father is killed and who then is forced into marriage with a rich evil Bandito, and falls instead in love with his Indian servant, are both available on Amazon.

Her 5 movie scripts fall into many genres: The Raven is a thriller, The One That Got Away is a romantic comedy and road trip movie, Chocolate is Not Better than Sex is a rom-com, Isabella's Letters (based on the book) is a period piece, adventure and love story, replete with sword fighting, voyages on the high seas and even witchcraft, Marney & Me, as in the book is a family coming of age story and she's currently working on two more, a comedy involving a couple of IT guys, and a horror-comedy.

Ever since she was young, she loved story writing and her many short stories online and (some hidden away in drawers), 17 short film scripts and 47 webisodes of a sketch comedy show show her enthusiasm for the medium.

As a teen, she won awards for article and essay writing, as well as speeches. Because of the changes in technology, moving to blogging, was an interesting transition. She's building a following as she continues to blog and guest blog on stories that matter to her and to her peers.


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Ms. Gore wrote a press release for her feature film, Chocolate is Not Better than Sex, movie fundraiser.

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As a pre-teen she was raped and this experience led to a recent article she wrote for BadRedheadMedia about surviving molestation and rape. She has written several articles in the subject of women but never anything like this until inspired, by Rachel Thompson, to do so.


Aleisha's experiences as a white woman in India made her travel log so exciting. She wrote for the travel company Sojourn India about her wonderful time there amongst the beautiful and welcoming people of South India.


She wrote for her school paper when she was younger, has written hundreds of poems, lyrics, blogs and short stories. This, in addition to her experience traveling and learning about cultures gives her a wide background to create new and interesting as well as thought-provoking articles.

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Since 2000, Aleisha has been blogging. What started as a simple entry in her diary at seven years old has elevated into a lifelong passion as a writer. With hundreds of pages of blogs and years of personal entries into her personal life, through divorce and new love, happiness, and goals, she provides insight into living life to the fullest.


Aleisha has written two books and both are going to be produced as movies. Marney and Me, Best Sisters 4Ever, focuses on the love between two sisters; Samantha, a child genius who at seven years old battles with wily teenagers in the 7th grade and struggles to keep her sassy mouth shut. Her older sister, seventeen year old Marney, is a paraplegic basketball player struggling with an internal battle of whether she should fight to walk again.

Press Release

Ms. Gore wrote a press release for her feature film, Chocolate is Not Better than Sex, movie fundraiser.

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