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Warren's zest for writing started with the selection of his essay for an eighth grade presentation regarding school pride. From there he realized writing was an amazing way to express himself. He dedicated his writing primarily to school assignments until 2008 when he made contact with RealGM.com.

His passion for sports was always innate and it became time for him to fuse his ability to write with his love for basketball. After getting a taste of success with such positive feedback on his unique perspective he began writing for outlets like; Pro Sports Blogging, Celtics Life, Dime Magazine and Yahoo Sports. He has expanded his writing to cover entertainment and special events over the years as he has been credentialed media for numerous sports and programs throughout the country.

His perspective remains unbiased no matter the subject matter and he has a knack for for incorporating humor where appropriate. Writing to a level that suits his audience is paramount while maintaining a level of integrity in all produced content.



Warren is most versed in matters concerning the NBA in relation to trends, storytelling and analytics.


His interest in sports and entertainment goes beyond the surface level of the story. He enjoys conducting interviews with players, decision makers and the talent associated with the subjects of his writing.


315 Projects Completed

Warren has written numerous articles in sports with a heavy focus on basketball. He has covered specific teams like the Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. He has also conducted one-on-one interviews with athletes like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Tyreke Evans, Carlos Boozer and many others. He is also known for giving an analytical perspective on team trends and player proficiency.


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Movies and TV are a heavy part Warren's life and he enjoys referencing films in his sports writing. Having had the opportunity to screen multiple films over the last few years inspired him to start producing content related to the entertainment industry.


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Gaming has been a part of Warren's life for over two decades. His first credentialed experience was centered around access to Sony Playstation's NBA All-Star suite. Going behind the scenes with video game executives and producers has always intrigued him. He takes pride in giving his readers exclusive content on games while providing his own take on features and enhancements.


339 Projects Completed

The bulk of Warren's writing focuses on giving information and telling a story in an article format. Having worked for five digital publications and one print publication has made the article format come naturally to his writing over the years.

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