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Jami Lynn has been writing for the government since 2001, and for several investment firms and banks since 2002. She recently began writing for the web on several other platforms, as well as working directly with clients to fulfill their content writing needs.


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Jami Lynn has been a military paralegal for over a decade, and has served as a court reporter for a reserve component of the military for over five years. In fact, as of April 2015, Jami Lynn was one of only THREE court reporters in this military reserve branch. Her services are in high demand, and she travels across the globe to provide assistance to attorneys and clients alike. She is an expert in legal research and the drafting of legal documents. She also serves as a notary under Indiana State law, and as a military notary under Title 32, USC.


Jami Lynn has more than 300 completed articles and papers written on various financial topics, from investments to living life debt free.

Real Estate

Jami Lynn has been working with a local Indiana-based real estate agent on a massive marketing campaign since the fall of 2014. As a result of this project, Jami Lynn has acquired experience in writing about a variety of real estate topics.

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Blog Post

Jami Lynn has written more than 1,000 blog posts, both for her own personal blog, and for the blogs of several clients.

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