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Sabrina T
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Joined 7/29/2015
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Since her early beginnings as a freelancer, Sabrina had been exposed to a myriad of different prompts. She'd begun from a simple Reddit post, asking a user to write a small article for their upcoming news page on the subject of fantasy esports. Being a video game lover and an avid fantasy better, she jumped on the opportunity.
After she was finished with the 1300 word article and realized how much the promoter paid her, she decided she would put her professional writing experience to good use by helping others promote their own work content writing.
From Rev, where she professionally transcribed business transactions, client meetings, and sales pitches in a clean verbatim tone, to TextBroker, where she realized how low the pay could be for content that would ultimately belong to someone else, she decided that after her two years experience with other writing sources and clients, she needed an outlet that would be willing to accept her quality content for a price that wasn't insulting her writing.
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