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Morgan graduated with honors with a degree in Creative Writing. She was the editor of her college literary magazine and is a published author in several literary anthologies. She has worked in marketing and copywriting for three years and loves a creative challenge. She has a flair for making dry topics readable and controversial ones palatable.

Morgan has written over 300 SEO driven articles in the past several years for various freelancing platforms and clients. She is a master of content marketing and the 500 word, Google-friendly article. She has been Hubspot Certified, Google Analytics Certified, and Moz SEOPro certified. She can research and create informational, engaging article meant to drive traffic to your site and increase your marketing ROI. Morgan has worked for advertising and communications companies as a content strategist and writer and she understands the importance of returning work on time and in publishable condition.


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Morgan Q's Article Product Experience

60 Projects Completed

Morgan outlines, writes, and edits articles for blog publication. An average of 13 a week are completed and published for various clientele.

Industry Projects

  • Medical100+
  • Business100+
  • Real Estate50+
  • Construction20+
  • Green Products10+
  • Bio/Pharm10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Morgan has written over 50 SEO oriented medical blog posts and informational articles concerning Women's Health, Orthopedic Surgery, Pharmacy, Pain Management, Disease Prevention, and Diagnostics. She specializes in surgical procedures and is especially skilled in breaking down complex medical jargon and research into relatable and engaging ideas.


Morgan has written countless press releases for numerous industries. One of her proudest moments was being published by the Komen Cure for Breast Cancer National Blog. She has also written several articles on topics like: Entering the Workforce after Being a Stay at Home Mom, How to Prepare for Your Next Interview, Why You Should Invest in a Franchise, How Small Businesses are Taking Over, and How to Keep Your Employees Happy.

Her favorite business topics are centered around promoting successful and sustainable business models both with clients and with employees.

Real Estate

Morgan has written dozens of articles for big players in the real estate industry. Morgan is adept in writing engaging and compelling copy from online listings and descriptions of homes, to full articles on subjects like: Refinancing Mortgages, Neighborhood Demographics, Moving Checklist, Residential Assessments, Commercial Assessments, Real Estate Expert Witnesses, Land Surveys, Real Estate Investments, Real Estate Market Forecasts, Best Neighborhoods in a City, and Which Remodels add the Most Value to Your Home. She can match tone and voice to her client, target audience, and subject matter easily and she loves to research and take on new intellectual challenges. Real Estate is a fast-paced and competitive field and Morgan has experience in meeting crunch deadlines as well as in making last minute revisions to fit new information. She always writes with SEO in mind, and believes in using natural variations rather than "keyword stuffing" so that your copy is as helpful and easy to understand as your clients need it to be.


Morgan has written dozens of articles on construction, renovation, and remodeling for concrete suppliers, construction crews, roofers, and emergency restoration services. She has covered topics like roofing; remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, backyard, and floor-plan; concrete mixing, pouring, sustainability, and industry news; vinyl siding installation, gutter repair, emergency restoration and IICRC certification.

Green Products

Morgan has written over a dozen articles concerning green products and initiatives in industries like construction, hospitals, concrete supply, print marketing, advertising, and technology. She believes in a sustainable and eco-friendly work process, so she's passionate about the articles she gets to write in this genre. Green Products she has covered include permeable concrete, 3D printing, paper and printing products, vegetable-based inks, and decomposeable medical supplies.


Morgan has written several articles and blog posts for clients in the pharmacy and compounding pharmacy industries. She has covered topics like building a first aid kit, the importance of vaccinations, sunburn prevention, medication storage, the benefits of a compounding pharmacy, 5 things you should know about your inhaler, and how e-prescriptions benefit doctors, pharmacists, and consumers.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Article50+
  • Web Page20+
  • Press Release20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Morgan has written over 100 Blog Posts personally and professionally. In her personal blog she writes about travelling, food, gardening, sewing and crafting, fiction writing, and the life of a freelancer. Professionally she has written Blog Posts about women's health, pregnancy and obstetrics, orthopedic surgery, spine and neurosurgery, construction and renovation, emergency restoration, roofing, pharmacy, first aid, DIY, concrete mixing and pouring, tractor sales, law firm marketing, personal injury law, motorcycle accident attorneys, advertising, SEO optimization, hazardous waste disposal, home appraisal, land surveys, expert witnesses, and traumatic brain injury - just to name a few.


Morgan outlines, writes, and edits articles for blog publication. An average of 13 a week are completed and published for various clientele.

Web Page

Morgan works for a digital marketing company as her day job and has written the copy for a list of clients who vary in industry from Medical, Gynecological, Dental, and Surgical to Retail, Dealership, Agriculture, and Non-Profit. She excels with employee bios, engaging copy, and making even the most convoluted subject matter appealing and simple.

Press Release

Morgan has written dozens of Press Releases and Press Pitches in the Insurance, Multi-Media Marketing, and Law Firm industries. She loves the challenge of compressing a newsworthy story into an exciting, punchy 300 word blurb that pushes readers to learn more. She has been successfully published in Komen's National Blog as well as several Law Firm publications. Her greatest experience is in SEO optimization and she applies that rigorously to her work with the phrasing, timing, and distribution of Press Releases.

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