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Colleen's practice as a writer spans over an entire decade. During her first year of undergrad, she wrote voraciously for hours when she should have been crunching numbers for statistics, memorizing formulas for Chemistry, or translating simple sentences in German. Her sophomore year, she abandoned the lucrative computer science major her parents pushed, instead choosing to take a wild leap for Literature and Creative Writing. By junior year, her short story “Ingles” was published in The Eclectic, University of West Georgia's national award-winning literary magazine.

Colleen is a Master of Arts in Professional Writing Candidate at Kennesaw State University. The curriculum covers a broad and comprehensive range of writing trades, from applied writing courses such as Technical Writing, Web Content Development, Social Media, Copy Editing, and Business Writing, to creative writing seminars in Fiction, Poetry, Screenwriting, Memoir/Personal Essays, and even Video Game and Comic Book Narrative Development.

Colleen also boasts an extensive professional writing career outside of academia. Currently, she works as the Content Strategy Manager for an Atlanta non-profit, where she writes, edits, and develops marketing strategy for their website content, blog posts, and social media pages. Her position also involves researching and placing keywords in addition to crafting SEO-friendly titles and writing meta descriptions.

In the summer of 2015, Colleen worked as a content marketing intern at a prominent digital marketing agency, an experience that served as a catalyst for her ever-growing passion and expertise in SEO and content writing. During training, she picked up SEO skills very quickly and implemented them effectively in her projects, which consisted of writing content and crafting strategies for landing pages and blog posts for various clients.

From 2014-2016, she worked for Georgia State University's renown Andrew Young School of Policy Studies. As a writer in the Public Relations department of the Policy Studies program, she wrote and edited blog posts and articles for the AYSPS magazine, including Policy Studies news and events, feature stories on outstanding alumni and faculty members, and exciting research by AYS faculty and students in Economics, Criminal Justice, Social Work, and Public Health.

Colleen also works freelance as a content writer, digital marketing consultant, and web designer for clients in various industries, including medical offices, financial advisor firms, project management agencies, auto mechanics, and nonprofits. She keeps up with the ever-changing trends in SEO and content marketing by reading, daily, Contently's The Content Strategist, Content Marketing Institute, and The Moz Blog.


Colleen's work for Andrew Young School of Policy Studies fostered a talent for writing articles on social science research and public policy development. She knows how to interpret complex academic papers and craft research stories that both educate and engross. Moreover, her Bachelor’s in English strengthened her skill in the analysis of film, media, and culture. Lastly, as a former resident of the Bridger Mountains in Bozeman, Montana, she relishes all outdoor activities and knows the best techniques for rock climbing, camping, and hiking.


Colleen's interests range from science and technology news to international relations and public policy. An English major and overall nerd, she appreciates contemporary fiction, etymology, semiotics, attempting to learn foreign languages, and German cinema. A news junkie, she feels compelled to learn everything she can about the world. She also has sparse knowledge of HTML & CSS and is learning more every day.


Kennesaw State University

Colleen is working on her Master of Arts in Professional Writing, with a concentration in Applied Writing (taking courses such as Professional Editing, Technical Writing, Social Media Writing, Web Content Development, and Feature Writing) and a second concentration in Creative Writing (attending courses in Creative Non-Fiction, Fiction, and Screenwriting). She has a Graduate Assistantship in the history department at KSU, working as a copy editor for the academic journal Agricultural History.


7 Projects Completed

Colleen has published numerous articles about public policy research conducted by University professors and graduates. She interviewed many scholars and outstanding graduates who influence important policy initiatives in local and international communities. She has also written profiles about influential teachers and community leaders in educational fields.


4 Projects Completed

As a content marketing intern, Colleen writes and edits blog content for clients from a variety of industries. Her work requires implementing keyword requirements and crafting appropriate anchor text, title tags and meta descriptions.


15 Projects Completed

Colleen has written articles on various subjects, including features on outstanding teachers, local business owners, policy research, and various others. She has been published in community magazines and university blogs. In addition, she has ghostwritten articles for company blogs as a web marketing intern.

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