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AJ has almost ten years of experience writing for higher education. You will find her writing to be professional, engaging and humorous (when appropriate). If she can get college students to attend educational events, she can keep your readers engaged!

AJ has extensive experience writing training manuals, event promotion copy, administrative reports, location and service descriptions, webpages, video scripts and job postings. Client satisfaction with AJ's work is reflected in her success at increasing annual revenue by 80% in just three years in her previous employment.

AJ is highly active in the blogging community and has composed posts about travel, fitness, recipes, blogging how-to, book reviews and writing tips. She is one of ten co-hosts for the April A-Z Challenge. The Challenge has almost 2,000 participants annually, making it the largest blogging challenge on the web.

She is an independently published author with a novel that is consistently in Amazon's top 100 list for its category. AJ writes all Twitter, Amazon, press release and other promotional copy for the novel. She is supportive of her fellow independent authors and regularly acts as a beta reader or initial editor for others' projects.

An avid runner, hiker and SCUBA diver, AJ recently quit the daily grind to write and pursue her other passions. One of the things she loves about freelance writing is that it presents many opportunities to learn about new topics and specialties. If you need to sell, educate, ruminate or pontificate about it, she can write it!
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From her time working in higher education AJ knows a lot about higher education trends and college students, teambuilding, human resources and creating high-impact employment manuals. She also has a strong interest in social justice and has extensive knowledge about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender topics as well as women's and gender equality issues.

AJ enjoys writing about lifestyle and fitness topics such as travel, outdoor activities and rec (specifically running, hiking, backpacking, SCUBA, kayaking), gluten free living, and general fitness. She has practical experience with social media marketing and independent publishing and would be well qualified to produce content on these topics as well.


Somewhat of an odd Girl Scout, AJ was the one getting dirty while playing with the fire and learning how to tie knots. She wanted nothing to do with 'crafts' or 'homemaking skills'. She's never lost that practical love of nature, and spends as much time outside as she can. If it's nice out she'll be running, hiking, or playing in her garden. She loves to travel and will explore the US or other countries any time the opportunity presents itself. All the better if she can get in a good hike while she's there!

On the rare occasion the sun isn't shining in Colorado, you can find AJ curled up with a mystery novel or one of her favorite cheesy British TV shows.


University of Wisconsin - Madison

AJ studied Psychology as an undergraduate and took several courses on human language acquisition. She also took 4 semesters of Japanese language and literature courses.

Florida International University

After two years as a Resident Assistant in undergraduate, AJ decided that she loved working with college students and wanted to pursue the field professionally. In graduate school she focused on Orientation and Commuter Student Services and program development for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender students.


30 Projects Completed

AJ has almost ten years of experience writing copy for higher education. Pieces range from event promotion to training manuals and official memoranda.


25 Projects Completed

AJ is an avid hiker, SCUBA diver and runner. She has written many blog posts about her experiences exploring the great outdoors and balancing fitness needs with work demands.
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500 Projects Completed

AJ has had personal blog since 2001 and has had pieces published on several special interest blogs. Topics include fitness, education, travel and writing tips, and best blogging practices.
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200 Projects Completed

AJ has written effective promotional Twitter posts for events, books, web pages and products. She understands SEO principles for hashtags, engagement tracking, and maximizing RT and response potential.

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2 Projects Completed

AJ has written engaging Amazon descriptions for two novels. One novel showed significant SEO increases after her intervention. It spent 5 weeks on the Amazon bestseller list in its category.

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