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Natalia F
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With over a decade of writing and editing experience, Natalia F. is both a published fiction author and a television writer. Her short fiction has appeared on Dislocate, B O D Y, and Futures Trading, among other American journals. Her story “The Big One” received an Honorable Mention in Glimmer Train’s May 2014 Story Award for New Writers, one of the most prestigious literary magazines in the United States. As a television writer, she’s worked in the writers' room of a one-hour cable drama currently on the air. Additionally, she has worked as a journalist for various international publications, where she reported on art and culture topics, and written an array of articles on a freelance-basis.


Natalia F. specializes in article writing, journalism, prose, and screenwriting. With three college degrees under her belt (two Bachelor's, one in English Research and one in Communications, and a Master's degree in Film) and over a decade of professional experience, Natalia F.'s writing style reflects her cross-disciplinary background.


Natalia F.'s interests range from quantum mechanics to legal matters. An avid reader of Physics, History, and Literature, Natalia F. is a well-rounded writer who has made researching a part of her daily life.


Chapman University

Natalia F. graduated with an MFA from the prestigious Dodge College of Film & Media Arts at Chapman University, where she attended on a Fulbright Scholarship. During her graduate studies, Natalia F. wrote many feature length scripts and directed several short films that went on to screen in festivals around the country.


45 Projects Completed

Once a pre-law student, Natalia F.'s interest in the US legal system continued during her postgraduate years. She currently follows all things SCOTUS, reading legal briefs and court decisions on a regular basis. As a writer, Natalia F. continues to produce articles to help laymen navigate the complexities of the US legal system. Being an immigrant herself, her expertise lies on Immigration Law issues, a field in which she has first-hand experience.


30 Projects Completed

An avid reader of scientific journals such as The New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, and Science, Natalia F. has a vast understanding of scientific academic writing, a skill that has come in handy when writing scholarly articles. Likewise, her journalistic experience as the Staff Writer for Brecha — Uruguay's most reputable weekly — has contributed to her ability to convey those same complex ideas to a non-scientific audience.


20 Projects Completed

As a freelance writer, Natalia F. has written many financial articles. Most of them offer advice to the readers, tips that can be easily followed in order to improve one's financial standing. Natalia F.'s interest in the subject began at a young age when she was studying Economics and continued on as she began to produce her own material.


50 Projects Completed

With a MFA in Film, and years of experience in the writers' room of a TV show, Natalia has written dozens of teleplays and feature scripts. As a graduate student, Natalia F. wrote and directed several short films that went on to screen in film festivals around the country. Upon graduation, she worked in one of the top 5 agencies in Los Angeles, where she was exposed to the business side of the entertainment industry and where she interfaced with high-profile screenwriters, actors, and directors. Since then, she has been in the writers' room of a one-hour television show currently on the air.

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