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Chrysta is a professional freelance writer with more than a decade of experience writing for magazines, newspapers, websites, businesses, newsletters, blogs, and other social media sites. As a freelance content provider, she has written over 1,000 articles on a wide variety of topics, including technology, business, travel, decorating, lifestyle, entertainment, and more.

Chrysta holds a Master of Arts Degree in Professional Writing, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Media Communications, and an Associate of Arts Degree in English. In addition, she is always improving on the craft of writing by regularly taking continuing education courses in technical writing, magazine writing, social media marketing, and television production.

Prior to working as a full-time freelancer, Chrysta worked in higher education as a student affairs coordinator, English teacher, and GED examiner. She also worked several years in the magazine publishing industry as an editorial and advertising production coordinator.

In addition to freelance writing, Chrysta is also proficient in website design, WordPress blog creation, and social media platform development. She is adept at creating and maintaining content and design materials for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and other popular sites.

Chrysta offers a wide variety of other full-service freelancing options, such as blog art and infographic design; social media header creation; audio transcribing and voice-over work; scriptwriting for audio and video; fiction and non-fiction research assistance; and professional ghost writing services. Basically, she can assist you with all aspects of your written and spoken communication needs.


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Industry Projects

  • Hospitality100+
  • Travel100+
  • Education50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Chrysta has experience writing hospitality articles. She has written lifestyle articles for the public, business articles for managers, marketing materials for owners, and training manuals for hospitality education.


Chrysta has experience writing travel and tourism articles. She has written historical pieces on national locations, such as Alcatraz Island and the Oregon Vortex. She has also written tourism articles on exotic locations, such as Croatia, Israel, and England.


Chrysta has worked in higher education as an instructor, GED tester, and student affairs manager for more than a decade. She writes instructional materials for online courses and informational articles for many of the top educational sites. She has also developed training manuals for many industries, such as TESOL, spa management, and the travel industry.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post500+
  • Article500+
  • Product Description500+
  • Catalog500+
  • Web Page100+
  • Newsletter Content100+
  • Press Release50+
  • Advertisement50+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Chrysta has been writing blog posts for more than a decade on a diverse range of topics, including Amish life, Christmas decor, conspiracy theories, gaming, Halloween products, home decorating, medical procedures, office training, real estate, spa management, travel, weddings, wine, and many more. She has provided regular blog content and site development for individuals, small start-ups, and large corporations. Her blog posts are always 100% original, thoroughly researched, SEO optimized, socially engaging, and delivered on time.


Chrysta writes short and long form articles that are always 100% original, thoroughly researched and engaging to read. She publishes print and online articles on a variety of topics that are written in a persuasive, informative, and entertaining style. From lifestyle pieces to how-to articles to business profiles, Chrysta can provide clients with interesting articles that are written in any style, mood, or genre.

Product Description

Chrysta has experience writing descriptions for products and services. She has provided content for website product pages, industry periodicals, customer newsletters, product promotional materials, marketing sites, and blogs. Chrysta has written descriptions for a wide range of products, including costumes, fashion, decor, furnishings, wine, holiday items, medical equipment, electronics, and more.


Chrysta has experience writing descriptions for print and online catalogs. She has written long-form descriptions that feature multiple products, short-form descriptions for individual items, and creative descriptions that read more like stories than catalog copy. From furnishings, to fine wines, to Halloween costumes, Chrysta can write catalog descriptions that turn views into click-throughs.

Web Page

Chrysta writes copy for webpages, including about pages, company information, product descriptions, and service features. She can create professional webpage content from scratch or update preexisting pages that need a fresh look for the modern reader. She also uses the latest SEO techniques that will give a dead website new life in Google, Bing, and Yahoo searches.

Newsletter Content

Chrysta has experience writing content for print and online newsletters. She has designed layouts, written articles, and distributed newsletters for private and public organizations. She can write newsletter content on topics that promote specific products or services, as well as general topics that can be used multiple times on different platforms and for a variety of marketing purposes.

Press Release

Chrysta can write press releases for your company that will attract customers to your website, social media pages, or storefront business. She has crafted professional press releases for small online businesses, as well as large brick-and-mortar companies. She can also write press releases for individuals who are announcing new books, wedding announcements, or a brand new blog.


Chrysta can write advertising copy for your business that will get noticed. Whether you need written copy for publications or audio scripts for radio and TV spots, she can meet all your advertising needs. Chrysta will write advertising copy that is clear, concise, creative, and meet the strict word counts that are necessary for advertising purposes.

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