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Maria began her writing career while attending graduate school at St. John Fisher College. Her formal education is in Education and Special Education, but she has long held a passion for writing. Maria began writing as a researcher during her final semester. Her paper on Attention Deficit Disorder was accepted from publication and presentation at the annual NYSATE, NYCATE, & TFQIS Conference in Saratoga. Additional work during this time included research on Least Restrictive Education environments and acceptance of paper for presentation at the New York State Council for Exceptional Children Annual. She continues to work on educational pieces on a requested basis.
Maria has shifted her focus in recent years from educational pieces to parenting. She published her first book titled Becoming Maiya's Mommy in 2014. She has worked on numerous articles and posts for parenting blogs such as Scary Mommy and the Mighty.


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Capstone researcher focusing on Attention Disorders, Gender Issues and implementation of principles of the Least Restrictive Environment.

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Maria currently runs her own blog. She is also a regular contributor to sites such as Scary Mommy and The Mighty.

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