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Aaron is an individual who seeks to optimally achieve the desired objective within his writing. His tonal style is personable and intuitive, as well as varied and flexible according the his clients needs. He has had his own blog in the past in which he wrote about marketing trends and strategy, and has a long history of accomplished writing in his more personal and academic endeavors. Admittedly, he lacks a high degree of professional writing experience, but is all the more eager to achieve success in this capacity looking forward. His relative absence of professional experience serves as a catalyst for him to give all the more effort and heart into his writing, and he seeks to produce optimal work that can speak for itself.


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Aaron has held two marketing internships in which he primarily performed market research about specific companies for his employers.

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Aaron has operated and written for his past blog, a number of years ago. The blog included news and insights from within the marketing and advertising industries.

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