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Terry has enjoyed writing throughout her life, and she began writing online content pieces in 2009. In addition to content sites, she has guest-posted on various blogs in the areas of performing arts and business. Terry also has experience writing interviews and instructional content for corporate newsletters. Terry's experiences and interests vary from food manufacturing to digital marketing and brand image, to Zumba and dance fitness, fashion, and others, all of which come together to weave a varied and robust story through her pieces of writing.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


For five years, Terry served as a contributing writer, and later featured writer, in the field of dance. As a competitive dancer in her younger years, Terry became a dance instructor and studio owner and was involved in the dance industry for a total of 28 years. She has written a series of instructional articles for dance students, parents, teachers and studio owners. She has also written recaps of dance-related television shows such as "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dance Moms".

Consumer Goods

Terry has worked in packaged food manufacturing for 12 years, most recently supporting the Strategy department at a Fortune 500 company. She has built a depth and breadth of experiences including corporate hospitality and event planning, strategic planning, competitive intelligence and market research, and trend analysis.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Blog Post10+

Summary of Product Experience


Terry has written articles for both print and online outlets. For online content publication, she has written about the dance industry for students, teachers, parents, and studio owners. The articles have ranged from step-by-step instructional exercises to advice, industry news, and television recaps. For print, she has written articles for publication in internal corporate newsletters in the consumer packaged good industry. These have been news-related articles featuring content from her peers and colleagues, as well as personal reflections.

Blog Post

Terry has guest-posted on several blogs related to the dance industry. Her blog posts have been geared toward a few different audiences: dance students (to include exercise and diet issues, tips and advice for competitions), parents (how to participate fully in your child's dance experience), teachers (proper technique exercises), and studio owners (advice for creating newsletters, websites, and social media advertising).

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