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Hayley's professional writing experience includes copy writing for Baylor University's library promotional material, reporting for the Baylor Lariat, and writing blog posts for USAID while in Tanzania. Writing has always been a passion and hobby for her, so whatever professional experience she lacks, she makes up for in personal experience.


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Industry Projects

  • Travel20+
  • Non Profit20+
  • Marketing20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Hayley has traveled to 39 countries around the world and has a passion for writing about culture and travel tips. While she has a wealth of personal experience on this topic, she has also completed a significant number of Writer Access assignments on this topic.

Non Profit

Hayley has one year of experience as the Stewardship Coordinator for a non-profit that serves vulnerable children and families in 7 countries. When gift officers bring in a major gift, she stewards it with annual or quarterly reports on what the donor's money has accomplished. She has a great understanding of international development that aids her in this role.


Hayley has two years of experience in the Marketing and Communications office for the Baylor University Libraries. She wrote numerous feature stories for publications, designed newsletters, managed social media, and worked with a team of graphic designers to brainstorm marketing material for the libraries.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Article20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Hayley has consistently wrote on private blogs for nearly a decade. She has written about her travel experiences to nearly 40 countries and also managed team blogs on service trips to Kenya.


Hayley reported for the Baylor Lariat while a student at Baylor University. She also served as the Arts and Entertainment beat for the paper.

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