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Shelly has been writing short stories, articles, blog posts and novels for the past 25 years. She has 2 books published and has been featured in several online magazines and websites. She is professional, eloquent, extremely organized and is able to work on a deadline with spelling and grammatical accuracy.


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Shelly has written several articles on the entertainment industry, including stories on music, acting and celebrity charity.


Shelly began a blog about how the United States government has been hiding information from the American people. It has been a controversial subject, but those who are "awake" understand how important it is to make the public aware.


Shelly is an expert on the subject of women and women's issues because she is a bisexual woman. She has a knack for allowing other women to speak freely about topics that are important to them. This subject is probably the closest to her heart.

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Shelly has been an daily contributor to Facebook since 2011; first as a personal assistant at a PR company and later with her on posts on subjects close to her heart. She creates sometimes witty posts, as well as heart-felt comments on several subjects.

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