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Jason's writing experience is varied. He is currently finishing his dissertation in the field of Criminology on the relationship between psychopathic personality traits and lying. Please don't let the academic background fool you, Jason will write about any and everything and is well versed in popular culture.

Jason has written for Groupon, MarketResearch.Com, and a variety of other smaller outlets in addition to his academic work. Additionally, he has written a variety of works that he is attempting to get published including a women's guide to the men in their lives, and a humor book (think something one would find at Urban Outfitters) on having fun at work.

Besides writing, Jason has ran promotional marketing programs for Newcastle Brown Ale and Moretti Beer, coached basketball at the middle, high school, and traveling club levels, currently works as a high school guidance counselor, and has gone to more school than most humans, and has no idea why!


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Jason is well versed in sports and is starting to write extensively in this area. His specialities include Professional and College Football, Professional and College Basketball, and the world of Recruiting.


Jason has limited travel experience, but really enjoys writing about this area and appears to be good at it, your opinion my vary.


Humor is one of Jason's specialities. He does not take himself too seriously and this shows in his work, in a fun way. Please see a small sample from his upcoming book.

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Jason has done a variety of blog posts for companies ranging from Groupon to Market Research.Com. He is not overly well versed in the world of computers, but knows enough to blog and readers seem to enjoy what he creates in this realm.

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